Booooom……its SnLTips

Posted: January 23, 2013 in My Silly thoughts

I always admire men in formal. Neatly pressed pants, well folded shirt collar, polished shoes, professionally shaved beard, geld hair and some macho cologne. Wow just wow. But tell you what lady dressed in formal will take the cake with cherry. Tight-short shirt which tries to do its best to hide the necessary things, one-size small pants which cling to the body like second skin and high heeled shoes. When you see her from behind you see butterfly and front camel toe!!!!ohh that ruins everything. Trust me on this.

So ladies wear loose pants which keep you comfortable in which air can pass. Do wear thong when you wear formal pants, which keeps the viewer wondering about the existence of butterfly. !!!!

That’s all for now, keep reading SnL will be back with more tips:)

  1. Harsha S Aithal says:

    Here you are making all men to feel good about women, and just in the other blog you scold ’em for ill mannered !!not fair sister !!!!!


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