I Will Wait Till The End…..Chapter 10

Posted: January 23, 2013 in STORY

When jenny opened her eyes she found herself in Ron’s parents house. The moment her eyes rested on Ron’s mothers swollen eyes she remembered what her father-in-law was saying “he will never come back…”. Jenny sat on the bed and wiped her tears. She said “he cant leave me mom, he just cant. He told me he will come back. Ron never breaks his promise and you know it..”. Ron’s mother said in teary voice “be brave Jenny. You should be proud of Ron. He died for his country”. Jenny said “I dont want to be brave mom, I just want my husband back. He died for whom? For his country men who will remember him on Independence Day and republic day? What about me who will remember him every day, every hour, every minute and every second.” She let her tears fall on her cheek. She paused for a while and said “I don’t want to be proud of my dead husband, I want him back alive. I shouldn’t have let him go, I shouldn’t have.” Ron’s mother came and hugged Jenny. She wiped her tears and said “I know its not easy Jenny, but you have to live for Ron, for us”. Jenny hugged her mother-in-law and cried loudly “I want my husband back”

When Ron’s dead body arrived Jenny was not ready to see it. She always wanted to remember smiling Ron. Officers had come to her house to say final fair well to Ron. Against her will she saw her husbands closed eyelids. All she wanted was him to open his eyes and say “I love you Jenny”.  How she wanted to tell him to wake up from his sleep and talk to her. All women were consoling her saying “be brave, …” and she wanted to tell them to mind their own business. People do console but do they really feel the pain, sorrow the person is going through? She looked at Ron’s mother and went and sat next to her. She just hugged her. Jenny felt words were unnecessary.


When finally they took Ron’s body to church Jenny had tough time controlling her tears. She cried and cried. Her tears were like everlasting fountain.  All she wanted was to lie beside her husband and be there were he was. Jenny looked at the crucifix in the church and said “why me?you knew it right he was the only guy I loved. Before even I get used to his touch, his kiss  you felt its time for him to leave me? How can you be so cruel? even I don’t want to live, call me so that I can be with my husband wherever he is.

When people gather in cemetery to say final prayers, Jenny looked at her husbands closed eyes and said “Darling Ron, You are going to a new place from where returning is impossible. Take care of yourself because I wont be around to take care of you. Don’t worry about your parents; I will take care of them till my last breath. But pray to god so that I can join you soon where you are. I don’t care whether its heaven or hell, I just want to be with you. I love only you and nobody else Ron. Bye my love, be happy will meet soon”.

People started walking back to their cars but Jenny stood there not willing to leave her husband alone. She stood there till her husband coffin was invisible with the falling mud and flowers. Jenny said “Not even time or age will be barrier between us Ron I am always yours”.


As soon as Jenny came back from funeral she locked herself in her room as she wanted to be alone in her bed room which she shared with Ron. She looked at the bed saw Ron’s pillow and bile raised in her stomach. Living alone without Ron she couldn’t even imagine. She looked at RJ who was staring at her. She patted RJ’s head and said “he is not coming back RJ what we will do? You know I thought I will never love him. But you know I didn’t realized when I started to care about him. His eye’s had that magic which captivated my heart. He just had to look at me and my heart used to melt.” She touched RJ and said “when I close my eyes and try to think about living without him i feel numb. I cant even imagine how life would be without his touch, without kiss love, without his kiss, without him being around me.” When somebody knocked the door she got up from chair and wiped her eyes. Her mother-in-law came in and sat on the bed. She looked out through the window and said “When Shawn died I was heartbroken, I thought I will never come out of the misery. But Ron was there to help us. I know its not easy for you Jenny. Never feel alone or lonely, you are my daughter now.” Jenny sat on the bed beside her mother-in-law and kept her head on older woman’s lap. She let the unshed tears flow. She didn’t say anything. RJ looked at his mistress without blinking. Jenny closed her eyes and all she could see was dead Ron’s face

  1. Sahana says:

    Oh ho, Ron dies 😦 what will happen to Jenny now. Waiting for the next one…..


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