Men you need to change…..BUT Not all of you

Posted: January 23, 2013 in My Silly thoughts
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God created man so that he can live and let other live peacefully. But is he doing that? Hell, no all he is doing is make others life miserable. How good a day can be when you see 5 to 6 guys standing and pissing in line? oh yeah, terrible!!!

I was in bus travelling back to my PG. As bus was in turn I fail to see the origin of water. I am like so many water pipes?? Then I saw those guys standing in line in pissing. They looked more focused as if they are participating in the game “whose-goes-far”. All I wanted was to get down from pass and beat on heir bum with cane and yell “didn’t your teacher told you not to urinate on road side?”. My hands itched literally. I turned my face other side and said “god even you could have created them without those privilege like us. But you didn’t, see now how they are spoiling the environment

Other day I was walking on road and I saw a rickshaw driver scanning me head to toe. I was like “what the hell is my hidden strap is visible to him?”. The way he was scanning me I felt even if I have kidney stone or hidden tumor in my brain he can find it.  I just felt what the hell he was thinking when he was scanning me? Obviously some dirty thoughts, it was written on his face. I felt goose bumps and increasing the grip on my bag. Most of the ladies have to go through this bad experience every day. Other day when I was in Mangalore I went by bus as active didn’t agree to start on press of self starter. As soon as I got into bus there was this middle aged man who was seated on the front seat. He literally jumped out of his seat and started scanning me. All I wanted was to do throw him out of the bus. When my stop came I held the rod nearby more tightly to balance me. I could see his hands slowly moving towards mine. He just touched my hands and looked at me. I felt like laughing at him and say “grow up you ass Hole”. But I maintained my peace and got down from bus. When bus started moving the man’s head popped out and turned in my direction. I said to myself “you baddimaga(bad boy) will rot in hell”.

All guys are not same. There are some guys who are wonderful, who respects women. Who always see all women except one like their sister. Wow I like such people. Its not that men are bad, Its just that they need to change the way they look at women. They need to be taught to respect women.

I know most of the guy says all guys are not same. So I gave the title Men you need to change…..BUT Not all of you….”.

  1. vinay says:

    Good one Syl!!!


  2. vinay says:

    seriously valid!!!
    loved it!!!


  3. Harsha S Aithal says:

    Sister !!


  4. Sahana says:

    Really true, when these men change na, this world will be better place to live in 🙂


  5. Gaurav says:

    Everyone need to change with time and situation, And ofcourse there are wolf around, girls are not safe in womb, how can we be sure of their safety outside…!!Sad but true..:(, need to change the mentality, which starts from home…!!


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