I Will Wait Till The End…..Chapter 11

Posted: February 2, 2013 in STORY

Jenny didn’t wanted to live without the only man she loved. So many times she felt like dying but something held her back. She slept on same double bed wearing Ron’s clothes. She still could inhale his smell and her heart cried with pain.  She lost the count of the nights   she cried and cried till morning. Sometimes she used to sleep and wake up screaming Ron’s name. Her body yelled for Ron’s sensational touch while her lips missed t most delicious feel of Ron’s lips. Many times she was frozen in one place thinking, imagining Ron in the room. When she couldn’t sit in the room she used to take RJ for walk. She used to walk miles without realizing the time or distance. Seeing her condition Ron’s parents decided to send her to her parents’ house for a while but Jenny said no.

Army officers, their wives, Ron’s mothers friends used to visit their house and console her. All Jenny felt was sick to her pit. She told herself “yeah, I know I have to live my life like a young widow. I hate that pity in peoples eyes. Oh Ron why you left me? Why you left?”. She felt she have to decide about her future. She couldn’t see Ron’s parents worrying about her.

One day somebody knock the door and Ron’s mother opened it. She took a while to identify the person in front of her. When she did, she just screamed “No, Jenny, not you”. Hearing his wife scream MR Lewis came to see the person who knocked the door and all he could do was just stare.

Jenny stood in attention posture and said “Jenny Ron Lewis reporting on duty Sir”. Ron’s mother was crying and all Jenny could do was feel sad for her. She took her hat in her hand and said “don’t cry mom, everything will be alright”. Mr Lewis said “What the hell you think you are doing”. His pitch was the witness of his anger. Jenny smiled and said “I felt I should serve my country like my husband so I joined the army”. With her hair trimmed till her neck she looked very young. There was no trace of sorrow on her face. Ron’s mother said “I lost my both sons in the battle field Jenny. How could you play with my emotions?”. She turned towards her husband and said “Lewis do something and take her out of that death field. I cant even think about it”.

Jenny hugged her mother-in-law and said “don’t worry about me mom, I will be fine. Nothing will happen to me.”

MR Lewis said “in my study now!!”.

As she entered the study she prepared herself to answer his questions. He closed the door and turned towards her and said “are you out of your mind? you lost your husband few weeks back and now you joined army? to prove what? what you were thinking Jenny? Tell me , talk!”.

Jenny said with firm voice “instead of dying every day in Ron’s memory I felt I should do something he loved to do, to serve his country. I didn’t take this decision in haste. I have thought about it over and over. If I sit at home I might die seeing the sympathy in peoples eyes. Hope you understand that dad”.

Mr Lewis said “joining army is not the solution, Its not easy job, not for ladies. Look at my wife, Ron’s mother …..you promised to take care of her..”. Jenny interrupted him and said “I will take care of both of you till my last breath. I never break my promise”.

Mr Lewis held his hand in air and said “I don’t know how I can make you understand Jenny. With your background you cant protect yourself in the crowd how you will fight the battles?you cant even jog for hours!!! In the war if enemy find any women soldiers they rape them and kill brutally part by part. You want to hear more?”.

When Jenny imagined stranger’s hands moving over her body she felt sick. She said “I will complete my training with good grades and I will never let anybody touch me”. With that said she put her hat on its place and said “I have to leave now, my training starts from today”. Saying that she was gone

All Mr Lewis could do was watch his daughter-in-law leave and curse himself

(Sorry again for making you wait. Did you like twist?or no do tell me)

  1. Megha says:

    Oh god…What a twist !!! not expected… 😉


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