Watch UP ChecKchY

Posted: February 2, 2013 in My Silly thoughts


This time when I went home AL recognized me. She saw me smiled. I said “whats up” and she said “watch up checkchy!!!,what you bought for me?”. She followed me everywhere singing the same song. I looked at her and said “puski, nothing I got for you”.She lingered around my bags and finally she opened my bag. I just yelled “keep away from sexy’s things”. She gave me one of her cutie-tutie look and boy I forgot what I was saying.

I was very happy because she recognized me. Like last times she never said “checky beating me”. If by mistake she used to call me esha then she used to correct herself and say “checkchy”. No matter how much I chased her she was following me. She loved to pick my comb, specs, cell and  watch. I had tough time saving my specs from her.

If anybody coughs she runs to kitchen and later appears with glass of water. She offers water and says “drink nani”. My mom yells seeing the water she dropped on the floor.

I tell her “I love you sexy” and she blinks and says “I love you checkchy”. Then I tell her “give me I love you kesha(kiss)”. She comes closer and holds my head with her tiny hand and kisses me firmly on my cheek for 2 minutes. When I feel her saliva on my cheek  I just look at her while she focus her attention on butterfly nearby.


She adores kids specially the small boys. Whenever she sees those small boys she yells “baba” and runs towards them. She then extends her tiny hand and says “hello, how are you?”. Other day one small boy happen to come to our house. He looked very angry. AL extended her hand and said “hello baba”. But the boy didn’t reply. Then she offered only one chewing gum she had to him. He just pushed her back with anger. I though she will cry but to my surprise she was smiling. I kissed her cheek and said “baba, doesn’t like chewing gum”. She just smiled and I was like “oh man she is a gem”.

Other day there was only one amul candy. As AL was the youngest my bro gave the lone candy to her. I couldn’t resist myself watching AL eating the candy alone. I went to her, and said “hey sexy can I have a bite?” and I knew she wont give me. But she proved me wrong by offering her candy to me. I was touched. If I was in her place I would have never offered the candy

Other day I went to pee and AL started crying “checkchy”. So I open the toilet door and said “what?”. So she said “susu coming”. So I told “ok, baby, go and pee”. She sat and then she pointed the empty space in front of her and said “checkchy you do susu here”. And all I did was laugh. Then she told “kakka coming”. I called my bro and said “your daughter want to poop”. He came and said “ok AL, poop there”. She got up and said “I want to do kakka outside”.  When I was about to escape my bro said “you only play with her but never see to her needs”. As I was feeling guilty I said “come sexy will go out side. She ran to her kakka zone in front of the entrance gate and sat to poop. As soon as she sat she started to put pressure. “hhhhhhhh”. Seeing her struggling to poop me and my dad started to laugh. After struggling for 5 minutes she pooped little. After that she got up from that place and sat bit far and started to put pressure. She repeated the same scenario more than 5 times in different places. Finally I told her come I will wash your bum. And she said “kakka is there”. I said “todays kakka over, rest of the kakka will come tomorrow”. Then with great difficulty she came near the tap. I told her to sit far away from me and held the pipe to her bum. That was the first time I washed her bum. I didn’t realized that its gonna be my duty till I return to Bangalore.

Bathing babies is no easy job. They want to touch water, soap; they want to touch all possible things in the bath room. I just wonder from where mothers get that patience. As soon as I poured the water on her she said “its very hot”. I mixed some cold water and poured water on her and again she said the same. When I was about to add cold water my mom said “why you are listening to her? she tells all possible stories”. As I started to apply soap she said “I want my water mug”. Then I had to tell “see coconut” to wash her neck and “do hands up” to wash her arm pits. My back was killing me and all I wanted to do was dip her in water and dry her up. After bathing her when I went to dry her up she ran inside saying “mommy will dry me up”, I yelled at her disappearing back “dont come back if you come I am gonna eat you!!!i will do barbeque of your bum and eat” and she said “babyQ”

AL is very trendy; she doesn’t like to wear old clothes. AWL said “she hides her old clothes in the cupboard and tells me to get new sexy, sexy clothes”. When I heard that I almost fainted. Because I know from whom she is picking those lines!!!!

I was applying lip balm and she was fascinated by that. She looked at me and said “checkcky for me?”.I said “if your dada comes to know then I will be dead meat, run from here”. Then she wore my sandals and started walking in the house. When I saw her she ran to FL.

One day I was changing my earning and I said “sexy will exchange earning?”. She said “ok” and held her hands to her earning. Then I said “forget it, its not nice”. Once I was done changing my earning I went inside. When I came back I was shocked to see AL was doing the same thing what I was doing few minutes back. Oppsy!!!!She was copying me. I felt so goodJ. So far I was copying my brothers but now I have somebody who copies me. I lifted her up and said “love you babes and she said love you checkchy”.



I said bye to everyone when I was about to leave to Bangalore. AL came to drop me with AWL and my cousin. I was holding her and kissing her. I know I am gonna miss her badly. As soon as my bus came I walked to bus holding her. Finally I gave her to my cousin and kissed her on cheek. Then I said “bye sexy”. She looked from her dad to me and then to my cousin. When I started to walk towards my bus she yelled “checkchy, where you going? Checkchy……”. I climbed the first step stood there and blew a flying kiss to her and she blew a flying kiss to me”. And my eyes filled with tears.

I miss her everyday. I call home and she picks up the phone and said “hello”. And I say “hey sexy whats up and she replies “watch up, checkchy”!!!!

  1. Gaurav says:

    She is so sweet…!! 😀 🙂


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