I Will Wait Till The End…..Chapter 12

Posted: February 7, 2013 in STORY

Jenny was packing her things to leave for an assignment on the border. Ron’s mother had stopped talking to her. Mr Lewis tried his level best to stop his widowed daughter-in-law going on assignment but he couldn’t stop her.

Jenny sat on the bed and looked at the photo on the table. She looked happy with Ron. She thought Ron looked handsome as usual. She traced a finger along the length of the pic. As soon as she had joined army she had learned to hide her tears and emotions. That was the first useful lesson she learned in the army camp. Even though she felt tired with the usual 25 km jog and heavy work out she never complaint. Whenever she felt alone she wrote diary. In fact diary had become her close friend. There was no day when jenny didn’t remember Ron. His smiling face was her greatest strength. With no time Jenny had exceeded in every category. She had topped the training with good grace. As a result she was sent to border on an assignment. She was not scared of dying. She thought she could meet Ron if she dies in the war field. That night she spent restlessly on the double bed. She was excited and anxious.

When she was all set to go she hugged Ron’s mother and said “take care of yourself mom, I will be back soon”. She controlled her tears when older woman kissed her on the forehead. She asked  MR. Lewis blessings. All he said was ”come back soon”.


When Jenny boarded the army helicopter she didn’t had a clue what’s waiting for her in the store. She along with her group landed in thick forest near Kashmir close to the Indian military camp. From there they traveled in army truck to battle field. As it was January it was pretty cold and was snowing.  First time Jenny felt being a soldier is not easy job. Soldiers sacrifice their life, family to protect the country. They don’t even care about their life. As they pass over a bridge they heard gunfire near the mountains nearby. She told herself “get used to it, its going to be part of your life for a while”. When they reached the camp they were introduced to a senior officer. Who looked very disciplined and strict. They were told to follow the rules and regulations. They were divided in to groups in which juniors and seniors were shuffled. Senior officer Amit was her group head and all had to follow his instructions.

On the first day if her assignment they went to the village near by. As Pakistanis had killed most of the villagers there were only handful people left out in the village. Who were living every minute of their life worrying about their life. Jenny started to teach the kids in open ground. In the beginning only few kids were attending her classes but later the count increased. When her group was assigned field duty she knew it she is not going to like it. As soon as they approached the battle zone she thought her ears will bleed listening to that shooting sound. When she held her hand to ear for the first time Officer Amit laughed and said “get used to it lady, its going to rock your ears”.

Days passed and Jenny got used to her surroundings. She had nabbed many terrorists. Whenever she killed enemy soldier she had prayed for their soul. On weekends she taught in the village school. With her busy life Ron’s memory slowly started to erase. There were days when Jenny never thought about Ron, not even once and she felt guilty about it. She wrote her diary every day without fail. By now Jenny was expert in hiding her emotions. Nobody could ever guess that she was a widow.

One fine day she was walking towards village with Pranay Sharma, a senior officer. As it was Saturday she was excited to see the kids. She and Pranay were discussing something on the improving  the school when they saw a herd of sheep nearing them. Automatically her hand went to her gun. She realized they were pretty far away from the army camp. She looked at Pranay who was standing steadily with his hand on his gun. As the herd approached them shepherd greeted them with a smile. When Pranay was asking some questions to the shepherd Jenny searched the sheep. As she searched the sheep’s in the middle something caught her attention. Before she could say something Shepherd fired at Pranay. He was badly wounded and was bleeding. Jenny dived and hid behind the sheep and fired at the shepherd. It was then Jenny realized that Shepherd was not alone. There were least 3 men including the shepherd. Before Jenny could call the army camp and warn them about the attack one of the men caught hold of her hand and snatched the phone away. She was slapped across her face several times. Her cheeks were swollen and her lips were bleeding. They dragged her to the near by bush. Jenny was thinking what she can do to protect herself. Its then she remembered her dragger. She pulled her dragger and stabbed the man on his chest. Other man came to his help and slapped Jenny and said “I love my woman like this. I enjoy them part by part”. Saying that he tied Jenny’s hand with a rope and pinned himself above Jenny. Other two were waiting for their turn. Jenny prayed to god and then Ron to help her. She didn’t wanted to  be gang raped like this. She turned and twisted her body but it was useless. She remembered her father-in-law saying “they rape and them kill them parts by parts….”. Jenny eyes filled with tears and she yelled at them “you cowards, will rot in hell”. The guy above her laughed and said “yes I will enjoy the heaven with you and then I will visit hell”. Then he ripped of her uniform shirt. Glow on his face increased when he saw her firm breasts. He kissed her cheek with his filthy mouth and said “I am going to fu** you Indian bit** like never before”. He touched her breast with her filthy hand. Then he slowly unhooked her pants and positioned over her. Jenny closed her eyes.Praying to Ron to save her. But to her disappointment nobody came to help her. As the pressure on her body increased she shut her eyes closed and waited……

(ohh man….What will happen to Jenny??????will she die?)

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