I Will Wait Till The End…..Chapter 13

Posted: February 12, 2013 in STORY

Jenny shut her eyes closed and prayed to god to save her. He cried for help for Ron. She went numb when she felt man over her go numb and collapsed over her. She slowly opened her eyes to see a man standing with his gun pointed out other two men. As Jenny was pinned to the floor she had difficulty to see her rescuer. Tears were flowing from her eyes. Without her knowledge she was sobbing. The man without changing his expression said “its ok, you are safe now”. While he spoke he fired his gun twice killing both the men instantaneously. Jenny shivered feeling cold. The dead man’s blood was all over body. She tried to push the dead man from her body. She wanted to run away from that dead man. She tried pushing him but she couldn’t move. She said “help me, take me out from here”. The man pushed the dead man from her body and pulled her. As Jenny was hysteric she was not in right condition do anything. There she stood stained with blood. Her cheeks were swollen, lips were bleeding and eyes were puffy. Before the man could do anything. She hugged him tightly and said “what took you so long Ron, I called you over and over. Why you couldn’t come fast? He touched me everywhere and I felt snails all over my body. You promised me you will save me and protect me. What happened today? Why you couldn’t come earlier tell me Ron talk. You know I would have killed myself if he would have raped me. I am yours Ron and only yours, nobody can touch me other than you. I love you Ron…”

Before the guy could say anything Jenny fainted in his arms. He looked at the woman in his arms and his hands itched to touched the hair fallen over her closed eyes. Then something caught his attention. He pulled the chain out from her torn top. He smiled seeing the angel. He said to himself “Angel, indeed you are an angel. I envy the man whom you love so dearly.”

He slowly lifted her up in his arms and started walking towards his van. He felt guilty for not coming bit faster. Every time he looked at her face his heart cried with pain. When he realized how much effect this woman has over him he chuckled and started the engine.


(Those who cursed me thinking something bad gonna happen to Jenny please take your curse back…….:)

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