I Will Wait Till The End…..Chapter 14

Posted: February 14, 2013 in STORY

The man stood there watching Jenny sleeping. Her steady breath told him that she is fast asleep. She was bathed and bandaged in the small army hospital. When he felt he want to have a closure look at her he walked towards the bed and stood there from where he could have a clear view of her face. Her hair was all over face. The more he looked at her the more he was attracted to her. She mourned and he was there next to her asking her what she wants. Then suddenly she opened her eyes. She looked at him with question mark on her face. Then she tried to sit. When she was struggling to sit her golden chain came out of her neckline and again his eyes rested on the angel. Without his knowledge he said “angel”. She stared at him and said “excuse me!!! Who are you”. When he heard that his heart cried with pain. Few minutes back she was there in his arms hugging and now…. He straighten up and said “I am …” before he could complete his sentence she got down from the bed and started walking. She said “hows Pranay? All my mistake I should have been more careful. There was this man who saved me I owe him my life. If he wouldn’t have come…..she left the sentence incomplete and paused for a while.Then slowly she turn towards him and looked at him carefully. When she realized that her rescuer is standing right front of her she took quick strides and stood in front of him. Then she said “You are the man who saved me!!!I thought I can protect myself but when those men tied my hand and tried to get their way I was scared. I felt so helpless for the first time. I cried to god and then he sent you. Thank you Mr ….”. The man smiled and Jenny felt her heart miss its beats. Then he said “I am Kegan , Kegan  Victor. I was returning to the camp from the village I got a call from Amit, your group head, explaining the situation. Then I started to search for you and Pranay, guess Pranay called the army camp and told them what happened. When I found Pranay, he was semi-conscious.  He told me find you first. I am sorry it took me so long”. Jenny looked straight into his eyes and said “but you saved me, thank you.” She was not satisfied with the thank you so she said” Thank you seems to be a small word. In future do let me know if you need any help from me”. Kegan  smiled again and Jenny felt uneasy. That was the first time since Ron’s death her feeling were shaken. She didn’t like it what she was feeling. She wanted to run away from Kegan  as soon as possible. So she said “Thank you again Officer Kegan , see you around”. Saying that she started to walk out of the room. Kegan s comment made her halt “Ron is the lucky guy, hope he knows there is somebody you loves him madly” .She turned towards him and smiled. Then she lifted her left hand and stared at her wedding ring. She said “he is my husband, if he knew how much I love him he would have come back to me, he wouldn’t have left me alone”. Saying that she ran out of the room.

She started to walk to her undetermined destination. All she wanted to do was keep her head on Ron’s shoulder and cry. She just wondered what happened to her self control. She had hidden her feeling, emotions in the past but today she couldn’t hide it. Kegan ’s smile had awakened her sleeping feelings which scared her to the core. She didn’t like how her body, heart was reacting. She told “This cant be happening. I have to be strong”


One evening there was an get together arranged for the army officers. Jenny was all excited to see her first  army get together. All were relaxing and enjoying. Some couples started to shake their body to the music. Jenny  was busy enjoying the delicious food when her sense told she’s being watched. Slowly she turned and saw Kegan . He smiled at her and Jenny started to walk towards the exit. Before she could make a move Kegan  was there grinning at her. He said “you seems to be in hurry, where you are going?”. Jenny bit her lower lip and said “its too crowded so thought I will sit out for a while…”. Kegan  pointed out at the dance floor and said “would you like to dance with me?”. Jenny looked at his extended hand and then at his face. Then she shook her head and said “no, I don’t dance”. Kegan  smiled at her and said “you just have to move your body that’s all. That’s what I usually do”. All Jenny wanted was to run to the sanctuary of her room. Before she could say anything Kegan  guided her to the dance floor. When she was about to turn and excuse Kegan  said “You had said if any help I need I can ask you.” Then he looked straight into her eyes and said “I am not forcing you, if you want you can dance or else…”. Jenny walked into his circle of arms and said “I never break my promise”.

When Kegan  put his strong hand on her back Jenny knew it its not going to be easy. When She held his hand in hers she knew it she have to stay away from this man. His touch, his stare and his enchanting perfume was making her go nuts. The lights went dim and some romantic song was being played.  Jenny danced with Kegan  matching his long strides. When by mistake she touched his nape she felt like 100 v passing through her body. When she tried to move away he had held her close but not too close.

When finally the music stopped Jenny was glad. She had said him good night and had managed to escape. She didn’t wanted to agree to the fact that she was attracted to Kegan.

She was in the open ground walking. When she found a stone she sat on it and looked at the sky. Wondering how she is going to face the storm which already started in her heart.When she heard some sound she turned to see Kegan standing there. He looked at her teary face and said “Don’t wait for somebody who never going to come”. Saying that he was gone.


(if you feel emotions are missing i am sorry, was darn sleepy and couldnt think anything other than my warm pillow. Will try to improve…Till then keep reading….Wishing you all happy Valentines day.)

  1. loly says:

    Awww 🙂


  2. Chandini says:

    Very disappointed!!! Was expecting some thriller kinda story n yet again you write mundane love stories.


  3. loly says:

    hahahah…Chandini……SNL.. use ur talents…. STOP writing love storiess 😉


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