When i met her AGAIN….

Posted: February 28, 2013 in My Silly thoughts

As I got down from Sugama  I was anxious to see my niece. I was waiting for my brother in the bus stand counting seconds when familiar car stopped in front of me. I just peeped in the front seat expecting AL to be seated next to her dada. When she saw me she jumped and said “chekchy, checkchy”. I said “whats up” and she replied “watch up checkchy. What did you bring”. I pinched her cheek and she smiled said “checkchy”.



As soon as we reached home she started to examine my bags. When she got to know there is not a thing which fascinates her she said “checkchy I got cold”. I got a fresh tissue from my bag and wiped her nose. She gets hyper whenever she sees the tissue. She said “give me the tissue Checkchy”. Like a typical Indian female species she kept the tissue inside her frock near to her heart. I just said to myself “now who taught her that thing?”.

That evening I bathed her. By mistake I applied more soap which resulted in more foam. When AL saw that she said “you applied lot of soap checkchy”. I said “I can see that you bum”. She smiled and showed her bum and said “bum”. After she was dried up she ran to pick her clothes. FL picked some clothes and she said “I don’t want that”. FL picked other one and she said “I don’t want that too”. FL got pissed and said “wear whatever you want”. She digged for few more minutes and picked a dress and said “AL wants to wear this”. I said “sexy, your dada will have tough time in future”.


AL loves chocolates. Whole day she sings only one song “AL wants chocki”. When I open the fridge and give her the usual never getting over MnMs she says “I don’t want that, I want different one

Sunday my bro said “can you babysit AL for 2 days, I will be out”. I looked at my niece and said “no problem, I can handle her now”. I didn’t realize what I was saying that time. Even though I took the responsibility FL was her official babysitter. She used to feed her and sing her lullaby to sleep. Sunday noon I made her sleep singing all type of songs. Even though I am a bad singer AL never complaint. When I sang this “Mary had a little lamp” she smiled. She made me sing that song saying “sing Mary” again and again. As I knew only first two lines I used to make up the rest of the poem. When finally she slept I thanked god for several times. After one hour she got up and cried “checkchy…”. I liked it because she was getting attached to me. I took her in my arms and sang “Mary….” And she drifted off to sleep.

After washing my dad’s shirt I hung it hanger. When AL saw the water dripping from the shirt sleeve she put the shirt sleeve in her mouth. I smiled because even I used to do the same thing.  I controlled my laughter and said “what are you doing!!!!!Run”. She smiled and ran from there. Later she said “checkchy kakka coming”. I made her sit in one place. She started to make that weird sound “huuhhh…”. She pooped a bit and then she changed her place. Same thing she repeated. Once she was done she said “checkchy see whether worms are there in my kakka”. I said “I have better job than counting the worms in your kakka”. But she continued “check my kakka..”



FL fed and made her to sleep that night. I was wondering who will sleep next to her. FL said “I don’t want to take the risk so I am sleeping with her”. I said “Thank you FL, if you need anything wake me up”. FL slept with AL while me and AVL continued watching TV till late night.

Monday morning I got up for a weird sound. I wondered from when my alarm started to sound like that. I tried to focus but I couldn’t think much. When I finally opened my eyes I realized it’s a baby crying sound. I got up and ran towards AL. She was crying saying “AL peed in her undies, she wants mommy”. I took her in my arms and said “lets find FL”. When FL saw her she said “why my baby is crying?go brush your teeth”. AL said “come checkchy will brush teeth”. When I applied the paste to her baby brush she said “apply little”. Then she took the brush. She kept the brush inside her mouth swallowed the paste and said “ok, I am done”. I just wonder why babies take time to grow up.

In the noon FL said “take care of her, I am going to take a nap”. I just smiled and said “worry not, I will take care of her”. I sat there watching her while she ran from one corner to other. When my eyes started to drift i thought “let me take her inside, monitoring outside is difficult”. I locked the door and told “prepare coffee for me”. She sat with her cookery thing while I lay down on the nearby bed. When I opened my eyes she was climbing on the chair and trying to do something. I said “get down, no climbing on chair” . Again I drifted to sleep. Suddenly she jumped on my stomach and sat there for a while. I thought she is not going to get up for a while I can sleep. To prove me wrong she started to prick me with some object. I got up and pricked her with the same object and said “see it hurst, don’t do that”. She said “ok”. I went back to sleep. This time I wake up while she put something inside my mouth. I said “I am begging you, let me sleep”. She said “ok checkchy” and started to prick me with same object. Its then I gave up the idea of sleeping.

I gave her a loly pop and she was happy. Its then out photo session started. I told her to give some nice poses and she did whatever I said. Bend you head, smile, show your, teeth, I love to keecha to the loly pop, Namaste pose…. everything she did. When finally she was tired she said “checkchy don’t take photos”. I said “ok sexy, as you say”.

Whenever I used to say “lets” she used to say “rock” and when I used to say “lets go for a” and she used to complete the sentence saying “walk”. Evening when I was getting ready to leave to Bangalore I asked her “will you come with me?” she said “ I will come with you checkchy”. She took her bag and said “I will come”. Then bro asked her “AL is whose?dadas?” I prompted her saying “say  sexys”. She leaned on me and said “I am checkchy’s”. Then I told her to tell “Kamosh” to her dada. She said “kamosh dada”. My bro looked at me and said “you teach her all those nonsense stuff”. My mom said “both are same, if AL was bit grown up I just wonder what would have happen”.

This time also AL came to drop me. As my friends we telling me to bring AL to Bangalore I said “AWL, can I take your daughter to Bangalore?. He looked at me and said “no thank you, she is fine here with me, I don’t want her to get spoilt more”. I said “come on”. AL said “I will go to Bangalore with Checkchy”. FL said “SNL is going to work, baby”. AL said “even I will work mayya, I will go to Banaglore”. FL said in baby voice “my AL is small, she have to go to school, study..”AL said “I will go to Bangalore with checkchy”.

When my bus came I kissed AL and said “give me “I Love to keecha(kiss)”. She hugged me and kissed me on my cheek. When she saw me leaving she said “checkchy, where are you going, checkchy”. I waved at her and left while she sat in my moms lap crying. I felt sad seeing her cry. To make her happy my bro called and said “Al wants to talk to you”. I took the phone and said “hey chekchy..”I peeped from the window and saw her from the open window. I bent over the drivers seat and said “AL….” while driver kept on asking some stupid question. When she heard my voice she started to cry again. Its then I saw my brother starting the engine to take the u-turn. I ran back and peeped out from the window. I banged my head several times to the iron rod still I didn’t care. When I saw the car approaching the bus I screamed “AL..” and my brother yelled on the phone “for god sake stop calling her name”. It was one more sad fair well

I miss her every day. When I see her teeth mark on my legs I just smile. When I call home she picks the phone and says “hello ”. when she realizes its me she says “watch up”. When I tell her to sing some song she starts singing in her baby language which only she can understands. Oops I still have lot more to learn about babies….



  1. Pu says:

    makes me wanna have AL


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