Somebody FIND TheM sooon………………plz

Posted: March 22, 2013 in My Silly thoughts

I just sat and started exploring old articles which I had written. I must tell I was pretty shock poop, fart, ass, assets, stair case to hell, stair case to heaven……… and I was like “yewww!! didnt I get any other topic to write???” Then I told myself “chil babes, after all that’s what people like to read. Then I thought let me contribute little more to the gross list

What the F***, F754 off, F874ing B***…., Fuuuuu****……., Shit, Ass H***.i just wonder why people use this word so often. People tell those words with more pressure highlighting the first and last letter. Even I don’t know why I use some of these words often? Are they any magic words which we all use when we are in bad mood?

Manager tells to complete the work when we were about to leave for the day and all we say is “F*** B***”, while playing ping pong ball hits the floor instead of the board and we say is “FUUUUUUUU**”, we are in the lift and a guy stares at you, literally scans you and all we say is “Ass ***”, when we watch  Indian cricket team wasting the balls when 5 runs required from 2 balls and we say is “F***, what they are doing”(as if you could do any better)…… it goes on and on. May be we are influenced by western culture and we try to imitate them. Or  we think frequent use of such words makes us look COOL, Or maybe it’s the way we take out our frustration. Scientifically it is proven that when we use those words they help us to reduce the tension and stress (scientist (snL) who solved this issue is only few steps away from Nobel prize. But spiritually its also proven that using such words may result in free entry pass to hell and a coffee with devil.


I am sure our ancestor must have has some slang too. As people were digging up the fossils, inventing the fire and sowing the seed…. they never got time to learn which slang our ancestors used as a stress re-leaser  Hope somebody uncover those olden days slang soon. I am sure we all will be thrilled to use something new:)

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