One ‘V’ day when i wrote…

Posted: April 16, 2013 in POEM


 Today is lovers day,

 time spent on different bay,

 rainy June to sunny may,

 dont hesitate when u want to say,

 silly jokes makes me piss,

 how i love your sensational kiss,

 cant love u more or less,

 without u i am ugly mess,

 pretty like white dove,

 your crazy each n every move,

 makes me fall again in love,

 u r my queen i always bow,



 well built, so handsome,

 with me is a wholesome,

 your touch makes me numb,

 sometimes u are a psycho bum,

 i try hard to make u laugh,

 hold my breath when u cough,

 hate your priky beard rough,

 love when your act weird n tough,

 well built like a Greek god,

 love to touch u r spinal cord,

 hide u r emotional like a iron rod,

 love you my baby in bulk n in load,


  1. deeks says:

    Really very good one !!!!
    nice thinking man


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