old COW

Posted: April 18, 2013 in My Silly thoughts



Gone are the days when guys used to get marry at the age of 29. As soon as they turn into man yeah we are talking about weird voice change and moustache guys start exploring the multiple options and finally they pick a gal of their choice. On the other hand even gals follow the same trends but with quiet different version. They pick a stud as their boyfriend and as soon as they complete their college they marry a guy of their parent’s choice. Whatever the scenario is gals and guys get marry in their raw age. To make babies? to use their license of sex? or are they madly in love? I don’t know.

If you are 25+, female and still single then you are called old cow. First let me tell me the logic behind the old cow. In village if you want to sell the cow you spread the news saying “selling cow, let me know if there are any buyers” and you give the detail information. Its breed, how much milk it gives, how many calves it gave birth to(this stuff as nothing to do with cow logic). Then the important thing comes age. Cows of 2 to 4 years are great in demand if your cow falls in this 7+ years category then not a single buyer give a damn to the cow. But if its OX, at least for breeding sake buyers but it. Same thing applies in human society. If you own a womb, and in late twenties and single ready to mingle then you are the same old cow who is waiting with patience for the new owner no matter what.

Being single is not a curse its just that you didn’t meet the right person who completes you. You decided to stay single rather than marrying some lunatic idiot for your parents sake. I know its pretty hard specially in this generation. According to society if you are a old cow then they conclude the whole story this way “maybe she have boyfriend from different religion, maybe she have some disease, may be she cant have babies, maybe she is lesbian, or may be …..”All you have to say is F*** Off you losers I am SELF RESPECTED, INDEPENDENT, SOPHISTICATED woman who knows what’s good for her.

Marriage is holy bond in which man and woman becomes one. This part always confuses me “…they become one…wait a second are they talking about sex? May be”. But I feel when they say become one what they meant was two body one soul, share and live to be specific share your FB password, share your bank password, share a pillow …. SHARE, CARE, LOVE, RESPECT, UNDERSTAND in happiness and disease. If you are marrying for your parents happiness or to shut your society’s mouth or you fear that nobody going to marry the old cow then you are doing a mistake. Wait for a while and search, you see there are lakhs of guys just waiting, waiting and waiting. I have read it somewhere if you search with whole heart you can even find the god.

I am old cow even though I don’t look one. Sometimes even I forget that but thanks to the people around me for reminding me. But still I am young with spirit and soul. I still have to grow up. Its my life, my rule I don’t want to stop living and laughing for others sake.


  1. Gaurav says:

    There are multiple things, nowadays we(youth/Old Cow) consider before marriage, carrier is the first priority today, then stability, income, and off course everyone is looking for better, single or committed…and there is no exact definition of better, it keeps on growing with present situation…so mostly people are becoming Old Cow…!!My perspective..!!


  2. Me says:

    If there is a old cow.. There are older bulls.. Take it easy ..


  3. Baba Vinaydas says:

    “I have read it somewhere if you search with whole heart you can even find the god.”
    I think you would have heard it in bollywood films 😀 😀

    Anyways, i totally agree with you on the point ‘Don’t marry some random person against your wishes just because the ‘nothing-to-do (talk) society talks bullcrap’!!! 🙂


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