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Saima: Shes a hard working woman. I am always fascinated to read her formal mails. The words she uses makes go crazy. whenever i have to write a formal mail i ask her help.

She loves to play those games in FB. Criminal case is her favorite. May be in her previous birth she was a spy

SnL tip: Have faith and one day she will see her daughter in you. all the very best






Please huh..Huh..Please…(heart throbs)Please don’t eat me monster. God save me, Protect me Almighty…

You might be thinking who that monster is?





Phew………..Well, that’s my mom-in-law.

My name is Saima(name changed for obvious reasons) married to an engineer working for a well known MNC and we are a happy married couple. Not to forget the old furnitures (meaning mom-in-law and dad-in-law) staying with us.

I was overwhelmed when she told me that I am like her daughter. Since she has no daughters(has 2 sons) I trusted her. I thought that I can see my mother in her. Ofcourse,I cannot expect the same love and affection I received from my mom, nonetheless I was hoping that at least we could be good friends. Forget about being  friends  but we are good enemies at the present situation!!!

Let me tell you my Day-to-day activities.I wake up at 5.30 sorry 5.45 sorry 5.50 (Actually my hubby wakes me up) and we get ready.He goes for a morning walk and I goto gym.He will be back by 7. I reach home by 7.30 only to see that the bathroom is occupied by my mom-in-law. I then wait for the bathroom to be vacant and finally take bath and get ready to office.Now starts the tug of war between the 2 ladies when I enter the kitchen. She says that I am lazy and I need to wake up early so that I can perform more household work.(Balls to you kane).Sometimes we have clashes regarding this also and we are down with a cold war for a day or two.It is then my hubby intervenes and clears the differences between us. Then she starts drilling me with her 1945 old stories which annoys me but somehow I pretend to listen.Then she expects me to assist her in preparing the breakfast which I actually do and then realize that it is already 8.30 and I have missed the only direct bus that goes till my office. Shit man,what the hell,WTF etc etc I blabber it to myself(as if I have guts to tell it to that female in the kitchen. )Whatever, I then prepare tea for myself and my hubby, find a place to sit and sip the tea. But then I would be damn exhausted. Finally I start to office.

I wait for an empty bus so that I don’t have to stand.But to me bad luck,I only see crowded buses.I get into some bus which will drop me to majestic. From there an other bus and finally at office by 10.45.

Later back home by 7.30 p.m. Loser(I am scolding mom-in-law) is watching sankara TV( a channel which telecasts all hindu temples all over India) with the remote in her hand. For god sake woman don’t you find any other channels!!!!!She serves the dinner to us at around 8.30p.m and scolds me if I don’t eat more rice and I have to eat whether I like it or not. She then goes to the hall while we are still hogging, keeps changing the channels as per her whims and fancies. This goes on till 10 p.m.I have to sit like a dumbo and watch those shit programs or else shut my ass and goto the room and sit with the laptop.I sit with the laptop,play criminal case and then start irritating my hubby who is seriously working. He is such a cool and a loving partner who even though gets angry doesn’t show it on me. (Love u darling ). I force myself to be awake till 10.30 and pester my hubby to shut down his laptop and sleep.He does the same and finally we switch off the lights and try to sleep.I don’t understand why the alarm is in such a hurry to start barking.Grrrr…Its 5.30 in the morning.

My routine life starts again.Hmmm….


Well,this is it with my story.Let me also tell you the rules and regulations I need to follow there.

  • Wake up as early as possible even on weekends not to forget that it is in-lawss’ house.(Not your mom’s place or a PG that you wake up at your own timings)
  • Make sure you have bathed before you enter the kitchen.
  • Prepare breakfast for yourself and husband
  • Wash utensils when the maid is on leave.
  • Don’t dare to touch the TV remote(Remember your job is to only perform household work.That is the expectation of my mom-in-law from me)


  • First 2 rules are common.
  • Prepare breakfast for everyone and then prepare tea as well.
  • Soon after having tea,start cutting the vegetables and get ready to cook for lunch.
  • Again,wash utensils since maid will wash only few vessels.
  • Put your clothes into the washing machine and later spread it out on the terrace for drying.
  • Prepare tea for all in the evening.
  • Don’t ever say that you want to visit your parents.

Now I am a free bird. Can do whatever I want except watching TV because it’s my mom-in-law’s property. Afterall she will be bored yaar,She needs entertainment.

With all these, mother-in-law is not satisfied. You are not doing any household work.!!!

Guys, hope you have now understood why I call her “MONSTER IN LAW”.

I am sure every mother-in-law would be strict and try to control her daughter-in-law so that she gets accustomed to their family. But please don’t take away her freedom,give her some space and time to get adjusted.Dont expect your likes and dislikes to be her likes and dislikes. Don’t forget that she has left back her family for you.Don’t lose the respect and trust she has it for you.

She isn’t my enemy but that generation gap really sucks. Things might change over a period of time as we get to know each other better. I am hoping to see the real mother in her…………………JUST HOPE!!!!

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