I just ADMIRE them

Posted: April 23, 2013 in My Silly thoughts

As a dog lover I cant control myself from admiring dogs. They can be stray or high breed. I just love al them all. especially dogs with mischievous spark in their eyes. Other day I found “Jack”, With his dirty green collar belt and short legs he looked like a stud to me.  With his tough look I felt “Jack” suits him very well. Since then I started to call him jack. I don’t know his original name or owner. He is expert in crossing road. Have seen him many times crossing traffic filled busy road. You can find him near Big Bazar, opposite central, JP Nagar, Bangalore.

IMAG0415                                                                                                                                                         JACK

I never got a chance to click “Gaggy’s” pic. He is another stray dog. With his long dirty, knotted fur even though he looks dirty I just like him as he is. If I ever get a chance I will give him a sexy bath till he gets his original color back. You can find him near Mega Mart, Ragigudda, Bangalore.

There’s another black old dog with faded green collar belt. He is around 12. The way he crosses the road I am sure he is born and brought up in Bangalore. I used to carry biscuits to feed him. Once I had walked for 10 minutes only to feed that dog. O don’t know why I never named the dog. It was 2012 July when I last saw him near Hudson circle, Richmond circle, Bangalore

Image0150                                                                                                                            Old green collar belt dog

As I started to go to the new office I observed this new white dog. With lal tikka on his forehead, red collar belt around his neck he looks adorable. One look at his back and it was clear that dog is suffering from skin disease. As I started to walk the dog walked towards a florist and sat next to her feet. Whenever he used to get up from his place she used to yell in Kannada “come back”. I was curious to know about the dog. One day when I came out of the office I determined to know the whole story behind the dog. As I crossed that florist shop I found the dog sitting on its place but its owner was missing. I crossed the road and waited for the bus. As I stood there in cow dung filled bus stop I saw the florist getting down from the bus and walking towards her shop. As she crossed the road the dog came running towards her. She touched dogs head and said “come”. I stood there on the other side of the road watching their love. I looked at the road and the dog, confused whether to talk to the florist. I just smiled and crossed the road. As I approached the florist I said “you got adorable dog”. She smiled and said “yes, she is 11 years old”. I realized then chance of she chasing me are very less. So I stood on my grounds and continued the conversation. I asked her “you stay nearby?”. She said “no, have to walk for 15 minutes”. Then I asked her “you come by walk?”. She said “yes, we come by walk. She looked at the dog and continued ”She cant stay at home without us, so she comes with us”. I said “We?”. She pointed out at her husband near tender coconut shop and said “me and my husband”. Then she touched her dogs head and dog wagged its tail . I said “she got allergy, you didn’t show her to the doctor?”. She said “we took her to the doctor and he gave some soap and ointment. She gave birth to puppies, after that she got this allergy.” I pointed out at dogs tika and said “every day you put tikka to her forehead?”. She said “yes, she is family member and every day I pray for her safety”. I loved the florist; I knew by then that how wonderful person she is. Then finally I asked her “what’s her name?”. She said “Sony” and smiled. I couldn’t resist myself from asking “if you don’t mind can I take a pic?”. She smiled and said “No problem”. Then she showed her 32 teeth and held Sony’s face towards the camera. With florist holding Sonys chin with love I said to myself “it couldn’t have been better”. Finally as gratitude I said “give me a rose”. As she wrapped the rose in newspaper I said “you are lucky, you got a nice dog”. All she did was smile and I knew it what that smile meant. You can find the duo neat netkallappa circle, Banglore

IMAG2100                                                                                                                                                Sony with her mommy

  1. Gaurav says:

    seems like you are doing research on domesticated street dogs in Bangalore…!!..:P


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