Hot Hotter Hottest

Posted: May 22, 2013 in My Silly thoughts

Sun shining high in the sky and the scorching heat hitting the ground, wet clothes drying in a small lapse of time, people travelling on the roads are looking to get under the shades of tree on every signal. The hottest month in the calendar year is making things within the companies hotter. Every individual here waits for his salary to be much hotter than it was previously, just like the city of Bangalore.

S is directly proportional to C=>S=xC, where x is constant which varies once in a while 10<x<1000…really? S is Salary and C is cab charges

Let me explain the story behind the formula. We slog our ass and work hard for the day which is the “Day of Appraisal”. That’s the day we get to know that no matter how much you work or relax some things are never going to change especially your salary. Somehow you get a crow shit sized 5% to 7% increment due to your dead grandpa’s prayer. You can just console yourself and try to be calm when a mail pops out saying cab charges are increased.  You sit there for hours staring at the same mail hoping its content changes, but nothing happens. While going home you see the Vegetable vendor’s business and you smile sarcastically and say “lucky ass, your dad didn’t send you to college like my dad” and you move.

When you are low, sad and dismal don’t worry because SnL has solution for everything. Here’s my tip to get bonus (may be in small amount).

1 If possible travel in cab without pass. If they catch you then “hit your palm to your head, close your eyes bite your lower lip and say “oh! I forgot, it’s at home, tomorrow I will get it”. From next day avoid the security and the cab

2. IF you don’t use your extension then even it will feel bad. So call from your darling extension. Never even touch your Mobile phones to call.

3. Don’t buy things like pencils, sharpener, pens, books, gum, post-it-pad, note-pad, file holder, stapler (stationary) from shop. When you get it for free why waste money on unnecessary things!

4. Get empty bottles from home and let the water filters in the office fill it. After coming to Bangalore I realized that even water costs you a onetime meal.

5. Get your empty “liquid hand-wash” bottles from home and re-fill it in the wash room. Wow, I just love the hand wash they keep in our wash rooms.

6. After washing your hand don’t you want to dry your hand? That’s when the tissue comes in to the picture. My friends don’t hesitate to take the useful things.

7. Always try to poop in officeJ helps to save water at home

8. Get a flask from home and take free tea or coffee whichever you want your family want. You can save sugar, milk, tea powder

We are all frustrated souls, time we lighten them. I wish your Salaries are the hottest.




Nishant RoyChowdhary: The famous personality who is my ghost writer . In short “Editor” of this post. He is pretty good with his flowery words.

Sometimes i feel 24 hours is not enough for him to manage all his activities. He is the first person i met who reads Shakespeare’s write up. I am waiting from ages for him to be “Guest writer” in my blog.

Thank you Chowdhary for your precious time and hot editing. Hope soon you will give me a chance to give a brief intro about you in my “Guest” category. All the very best

  1. loly says:

    🙂 🙂 🙂 hahaha..Exactly… loot ur company to the maxx


  2. deeks says:

    Really good one ….out of 8 .i’m doing few and some i don’t wont to do….
    Some tips are damn good … lets try !!!!!!!!!


  3. Gaurav says:

    wooo..he writes too….!! and now i think i need to learn couple of office tips from him…!!


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