Train of Thoughts

Posted: May 25, 2013 in My Silly thoughts

I saw the wall clock and relaxed a bit when I realized I got 10 more minutes. I saw my reflection in the mirror and chuckled. After combing my untamed hair for fifth time I gave up and said “anyways who is there to admire me”. I applied the shiny lip-gloss on my lips. I cursed when the liquid crossed the red boundary of my lips. Finally when I was happy I sat on my messy bed. Automatically my eyes fell on the clock again and my mind started to wonder like a wild boar. I kept staring at the clock just like the guy in the psychotic movie “The man who stares at the goat” .Who stares at the wall hoping to pass through it just like that. Confused? That’s why I said psychotic movie.

May be neuron inside my  brain was taking up the leadership. I felt like it was addressing a gathering where other body parts were just listening. It started “what’s my life? Am I smart? No, am I successful? No what I want from life? i don’t know. May be I should have been a teacher? May be a nurse? or may be….Neuron paused for a while and continued what the hell!!! whom I kidding? I am good in nothing. Yesterday the mango vendor chased me because I argued with her about the prize and size(I am talking about mango here). Then irritated her by rejecting the mangoes she selected. She chased me and what I did? Stood there and watched her. Holy crap I am no fighter. Thank god I am not a soldier else would have ran back home from battlefield with loaded gun in my hand. …..neuron paused when hand started to scratch my other body part ass(now you will definitely say “will she ever stop write without mentioning asss?”). Neuron waited for full attention but when hand didn’t stop it continued “PROACTIVE is one sick word which I started to hate since I joined this corporate world. When they schedule the appraisal meeting all those buggers use those famous ugly words prefixed by NOT…“PROACTIVE, AGGRESSIVE, RESPONSIBLE, DEDICATED…..”. Can’t they just politely say no instead of this big melodrama; One-to-one meeting, heart break and cursing?, may be some strategy like spot fixing. Spot fixing.. poor big nostril fella counting the mosquitoes in the jail. Anyways I never liked his nostrils may be when he was small some mammal entered his nostrils. Newspaper said he shopped for 2 lakh that’s reminds me it been ages since I shopped wow how I love shopping. But I cant shop, month end its time to live like beggar.Pizza, chicken 65 time is gone its time for cooking. Cooking… how I hate cooking. After marriage women do only cooking and make babies and then cooking again.  Good that I am still Ms instead of somebodys Mrs else by now I would have been expert in cooking business. Marriage…bond of two souls!! Whom I am kidding? its just license to have forbidden fruit . Fruit….leechi’s are in market…wait its litchi’s. Wonder why I always get confused like the guy in  “Aasm Taare par”…no no its “Taare Zamen par” yeah this is correct.

When neuron alerted other organs they resumed their original work. I slapped myself and said “I cant go into depression wake up, wake up…up”. When my eyes fell on the clock automatically I started to hurry. If I don’t reach on time I will miss the cab and then BMTC bus, the crowd, fight, late to office……..again the train of thoughts started to run with its own speed never stopping.


  1. Raj says:

    Nice and smooth .. Good one Snl !


  2. Wow.. good one sister… its different than your usual ..!!


  3. Gaurav says:

    its really nice one….and seems like capturing the real thought process of a girl..:P


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