After all who was IT????????

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May that million $ smile never leaves your face. If you can lend please lend me those dimples of yours, i just love them:)

Thank you Sanyukta for being part of my blog. all the very best for your future. Hope soon very soon you send some more interesting stories like this


Sometimes in life the greatest joys come from the most unexpected sources

I woke up this morning with great excitement and enthusiasm for it was my first day at college. College fills you with a carnival of emotions, New Friends, new environment, new thoughts, new views. Just coming out of school and getting ready to enter into a phase where people start calling it an end to childhood and enter into the Teenage phase. The phase where you want someone to just be by your side and tell them everything is going to be fine and even if it’s not fine just say “I’m there for you”.

Sadly that ‘someone’ in my life was missing. To come into earth without a family wouldn’t have been so dreadful than coming into it with a family which makes you feel you’re all alone. Don’t get me wrong, I have wonderful set of parents, it’s just that they are emotionally unavailable most of the times.

Enough about my family crisis and coming back to the day which changed my life. It was the summer of 2010 when I turned into a fresher at MS College for pursuing Arts. Weak in subjects like science and math, which would turn me into a robot running in the rat race of engineering or medicine,I chose literature as I loved writing. I managed to get into an arts college dreaming of becoming a writer someday. I woke up that morning, dreaming of a big day, dreaming about seeing my name as one of the reputed columnist at a National newspaper. Then came a screeching end to my day dreaming from the other room. “Surabhi, get ready quickly, papa is late for his office and he’ll drop you to college on the way”. They weren’t really excited to send me to study as long as I learnt all the chores and groomed myself as a perfect “house wife”. The only thing that excited them was when I got marriage proposals as soon as I turned 18, happy to give me away and reduce their burden of having a daughter as their only child.

I quickly got ready and ran out to the scooter with a chapatti which amma stuffed in my mouth in a hurry. Pappa was waiting there with a frown. “Since day one you are going to be late is it ? Anyways clear all subjects and get a degree, it’s enough.” I am usually a very calm girl, but the sentence said by my father was demotivating enough to get me all welled up; I somehow controlled my anger and climbed the scooter. Reached the college gate, a gate to heaven I thought, a gate to freedom where I need not be a housewife and I can speak my mind out.

As soon as I entered, a bunch of guys surrounded me who seemed like seniors. A tall guy with a French beard introduced himself as Sharan. He smiled at me and said “Don’t worry we were planning to rag you but then I stopped these guys since you were my junior at school. The wonderful artist Surabhi who made great sketches that amazed me back then”. I was stunned to hear all this. Neither had I seen him in my school nor remembered seeing him in any of the drawing competitions which was the only place where he could see my drawings .I murmured a “thank you“ and left the place in a hurry as I was already late for the first hour of my my first day at college.

Days passed by and I had made a couple of friends there. And my English teacher was especially proud of me since I wrote the best essays in class. She suggested me to write blogs which people could read over the internet. I had never given it a thought until that day and she encouraged me that I was really good. The whole evening was spent in writing my first blog and posting it. I was so happy to see my name on the computer and hugged Madhavi ma’am out of excitement. I felt I have a mentor now to guide me through my tough times. But the happiness didn’t last long.  Few days later Madhavi ma’am told me that she was engaged and was leaving college after the wedding. The one hope of someone being there for me was also taken away.

But while leaving she told me “Surabhi, keep me updated through your blogs, would love to know what is happening with you”. My eyes sparkled because I knew she would reply to my blogs and at least that last hope would still be alive. I decided to write my day to day life incident just for her.

Day 1 of my own blog. The one I wrote before couldn’t be considered because it was written by Madhavi ma’am herself just as a trial. The first blog I wrote was in the browsing centre of college. I decided to spend an hour each day blogging about every little detail when everyone else was busy digging into their lunches. I wrote

“I have a thousand questions but not many answers; I don’t have a direction to move forward. Life has become a train with the tracks nowhere to be found. 

Wasn’t in the best mood that day and didn’t have many thoughts to pen down. I decided to leave it pending that way so that I could come and finish it tomorrow. As I moved out of the browsing room I saw Sharan entering it smiling at me. I rushed away thinking that he might approach and speak to me again. The sunlight told goodbye and I had to leave college for the day. As I entered home I saw mom’s face which had signs of disappointment. She was angry that I was late and yelled at me. This isn’t the time for girl’s from a good family to return back home. Again this calm girl had welled up inside and rushed into the room without replying. I still could hear amma yelling at me but I kept my ears and heart shut to her words. To give my thought a happy diversion I switched on the computer and decided to finish my I penned down my misery at home amma came into the room , without thinking what I had written I published it out in a hurry hiding my anger I had just expressed within the blog. Amma ignored it a left me alone in my room.

The next day I was in a hurry to leave to college because it was no longer comfortable or peaceful to write at home. I wanted to read again about what I had written. When I entered the browsing room and switched on the monitor that I had logged into last time something made my jaws drop. My blog was open there and someone had replied to it.I read out the name loudly “ ImhereWithYou”. It creeped me out completely. Sweat dripped down my forehead because I had just got an anonymous reply by someone who wants to convey that they are there for me.

It said “We lay down our own rail tracks, just because it crosses through a tunnel doesn’t mean it stays there forever, it reaches light at some point”. I got goose bumps reading these lines. It motivated me to do something different. The blog also said how I need to deal with family problems that I had written down and confronting my parents about how much I wanted to study would make them realise that marriage is not the only option for me. I lay with my head bent down , shocked , thrilled that I have a reader , I have someone who not only follows me but also someone who cares about me. Only one name popped into my head and that was Madhavi ma’am.Only she knew about my blog, I wanted to thank her for reading it but didn’t have her number to contact. I had no other option but to thank her over the blog.

In the next blog I started by saying “ To my follower , thank u for writing my first blog”.and then I again poured my heart out about how my life needs a new meaning and how this comment helped me see my family in a new way. i unknowingly started implementing whatever madhavi ma’am had replied to my blog and everything within the family began to change.My dad started treating me like an educated daughter rather than an item to be sold to another family with pride.My mom didn’t ask anymore questions because I would reach home on time as I continued writing my blogs at home unlike before. In fact I would discuss my blogs with amma rather than being uncomfortable writing it in front of her and she was also happy that I’m opening up to her. In every reply to my blog I would get everything apart from madhavi ma’am’s phone number which I requested for in each blog.

But the day had come which would sweep me off my ground. I read the reply from “ImhereWithYou” as usual and felt happy. Immediately another reply popped up there.

“Great blogging Surabhi. You were asking my number from another follower of yours which wasn’t me. But here’s my number anyway”. And the number was heartbeat stopped for a while. I wanted to call but the nervousness gripped me ,was it or was it not her. I grabbed my guts and gave her a ring. She picked and yes it was her.The rest of the conversation I don’t remember because only one thought had captivated my mind…. “After all who was IT ? “.

When I looked out of the door I saw Sharan peeping into the centre.and when I looked he immediately turned away.I ran out of the centre and saw Sharan walking away. I called out to him.My instincts pointed out that this guy maybe the one who played along.Maybe it was a part of his ragging scheme that he had missed out on the first day.

With a little bit of anger and frustration on my  face which could be made out from a far distance. Sharan knew this was coming.

“Calm down. What seems to be the problem?” utters Sharan

Then comes the fury back again, this time more loud and prominent – “Why do you keep commenting on my blog?  What are you to me? Why do you even care about what I write?”.

Unable to see her in so much pain he finally decides to reveal the truth about what he has been doing all along. “Please sit. Let me explain.” Says Sharan.

I calm down and decide to hear him out.

“It’s me. But it’s actually not me” says Sharan.

“It’s your mom through me”. I sit there thinking if it is for real ,stunned. I dont believe him in the start. “Please don’t play with my life.I have had enough of you giving me false hopes.Now that I know it was you everything has dropped down just like it was one to hear me out all over again”.Sharan interrupted my rage and dragged me to a chair and made me sit and started narrating.

“I don’t know who you are. I don’t know anything about you. All I knew about you was u sketch very well and that was told to me by my mom who by the way is your mom’s childhood friend”

First time I read your blog was here in the center. I saw the disappointment in it regarding your family.I told this to my mom who in turn approached  your mom since she has been her friend since ages.Your mom was initially very dissapointed by the way you wrote about your family, but later on my mom’s suggestion she decided to take the internet route to talk to you. Your mom knew we were in the same college and had asked me to watch over you.She has treated you like her baby daughter always but feared to express it as you might get very attached to her and when the time comes for you to get married you would miss her more than ever.But when she knew about how you felt she blamed herself for it.Everytime I started reading your blog I would translate and narrate it to her.and she would tell me to reply whatever I have replied so far.As you know everything has changed for you since then.She has been your mentor and she had been “Here with you” always. He just smiled saying all this.

I ran from there in tears.Rushed home and hugged my mom.Said sorry for all that I wrote about her.Finally I knew who that ‘someone’ was. The “unkown blogger” was with me since the day I stepped into earth. After all I knew that my mentor was my own mom.

  1. Loly says:

    🙂 🙂 Well Wriiten 🙂


  2. Rakshith says:



  3. Rakshith says:

    both together:P


  4. Navee says:

    Superb, first time one touchy in SNL blog… Loving it…


  5. Gaurav Parashar says:

    Good one Sanyukta..!! but i was expecting it very differently from the heading of the story…!!


  6. jpdash252 says:

    great story…..
    Perfectly written !! hats off


  7. deeks says:

    raks reply !!!!
    Really shocking ….
    snl ur rite – $ smile and story s also good ma!!!!!!!!!


  8. Jay says:

    I truly appreciate this blog… Keep up the good work Sanyukta!!!


  9. Shodhan says:

    Nicely put , a good read. keep writing ….


  10. Sanyukta says:

    Thank you so much all of you 🙂 Its really wonderful to see so much appreciation…. Thanks a lot Syl for considering my story worth posting 🙂


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