Live your crazy IDEAS

Posted: June 26, 2013 in Gallery


Whenever i used to see a crane i had this crazy idea to hang to its hook and take a pic. Other day i happen to see a crane standing and its driver was nowhere to be seen. When i told my friends about my idea they encouraged me. That’s always a good thing about my friends they never discourage me. Sometimes you need motivation and support to do some crazy things. Result of which i have a pic which i was planning to have from ages

All i want to say is if you have some crazy ideas, insane goals go ahead and make it yours. You never know whether life will give you a second chance. When your hair grayed out, wrinkles make you look ugly and you use teeth set to eat your food trust me only those memories will make you laugh. Live your life with your crazy ideas with no REGRETS!!!

  1. :P says:

    thanks to me


  2. i heard that crane’s boom is broken !!


  3. R says:

    Eyeing tall guys ?


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