After living my CRAZY ideA

Posted: July 5, 2013 in My Silly thoughts


After living my crazy idea “getting a pic hanging from the hook of crane”, my chest broadened (from 3…forget the size) with pride not knowing what is coming next.

Next day of my big achievement I had severe pain in my back not ass.  I swallowed tablets, applied all types of balms, tried sprays without any effect. As I was scared of Bangalore money eating doctors I decided to go to Mangalore for treatment. When I told my dad that I coming down he was like “what happened, did you fall?”. I am sure if tell him the truth he will spank my ass. So I said “I don’t know what happened, whole day I sit and work may be because of that my back is paining”. He said “ok, don’t strain, take rest”.

When I went to the doctor I told him the 5 lines story. I was sure even though he looked serious he was laughing his lungs out saying “what crazy gal”, in his mind. When he said that there’s nothing to worry I took a deep breath. I learned 2 lessons; first: live your crazy ideas within limit and Second : get a health insurance.

Even though I am suffering from back pain I have satisfaction that I have lived my dream. Trust me that’s awesome feeling. Hope next time when I do something crazy I will remember my seat belt

  1. Gaurav Parashar says:

    Get well soon..!!!but please don’t drop your crazy ideas to fall in the way just because of little back pain…:P


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