A RACE on Friday Evening

Posted: September 13, 2013 in My Silly thoughts

With monotonous routine I never imagined that my return journey from office to pg going to be memorable one and adventures too

Usually I try to butter the auto drivers for 20 Rs then increase the rate up to 30Rs to reconsider my offer for the min distance. When some arrogant auto drivers leave me there with my heavy bag and gloomy face without other option I start to walk wondering all possible things.  Why so much traffic, why the bus stop is so far…..There no control over my thoughts.

Today Friday being lucky day(lucky because finally I could see some justice happening in my darling country)Good Samaritan guy from office took pity on me and offered to drop me till my bus stop which is kilometers away. His eyes focused on road and my brain wondering how I am going to adjust my ass on my seat my eyes observed approaching bus. My bus BIAS-5,seeing the bus crossing the signal I just asked myself “can I catch that bus NOW?”.

I said “dude, you think I can catch the bus?”.

Instead of answering me he increased the speed with that my all senses were sent a alert signal. I almost jumped in the next signal hoping that I can catch the bus. But then unfortunately we got caught in the signal while my BIAS-5 fled away from the cursed signal shaking its ass with colorful lights. With the bus within my reach I sat on the bike praying to god to do some miracle.

My friends said “Lobo, you think you can catch the bus, you have to walk a bit. But if you walk fast I think you can….”.Before even he could complete his sentence I thanked him I plunge from my seat and wondering I can run here in Bangalore to catch the bus. I tell you sometimes encouraging friends is all you need to come up in life.  In Mangalore running and catching bus is quiet common for me. When I realized I am wearing my comfortable sandals without thinking whether people are laughing at me or staring at me I just started to run. With my aim to catch the bus I pushed all obstacle,people aside and continued running. I am sure most of the ladies think twice before the public stunt but I didn’t care for the first time. I was determined to catch the damn F** bus even though the bus stop was mile away

I didn’t realized a surprise is waiting for me when I knocked the door to catch the drivers attention so that he can press the button and open the automatic door for me. Conductor saw me first jumping and waving then driver saw and then the other passenger. When I saw the conductor waving his hand and saying go away I was shocked. I thought maybe I misjudged him in my race. So I knocked the door again and my spirit fell away when conductor pointed away at one more BIAS-5 and said “go and catch that bus”. How I wish the door was open to smack that MFA. I looked at the bus few meters away and looked at this bus which was moving in my speed. I had to take a decision within fraction of second. Driver and conductor were laughing entertaining the other passenger. All I wanted to do was spit on arrogant conductor’s face I controlled my anger and glace at the other moving bus. I just asked myself “can I catch that bus?”. Its then I remembered my favorite poem “Try and Try again boys you will win at last” (I read this poem in my 5th STD English book). With my lips repeating those lines again I started to run. My mind focused on the bus and I forgot the world. When I reached the bus I knocked the door . BINGO!!! the driver opened it in a second. When I entered the bus breathless conductor said only one thing “have a seat”. I was shocked same profession same gender but how different they could be.

After two minutes a gal entered the bus and she gave me a broad smile. I was sure she was one of the spectator of my RACE-To-CATCH-BUS. I smiled back at her and said “drivers!!!”. She nodded her head with understanding. When I got down from the bus I thanked the conductor MR Prakash and the driver RajShekaran.  Its not that cities are only filled with bad people but its just that we haven’t met the good people

In life we may face many obstacle, rejection. But don’t stop trying there because the sweetness of the success comes after many failures lasts forever. Out of 12 doors 8 doors might be locked but you cant decide about other doors unless you have tried it. Never stop trying when you are doing with your heart, mind and soul

Lessons I learned today: Friends :coolest thing on earth, People: Not all are bad, Struggle:Till the end

  1. Megha says:

    Good One Sylvia…:) This happend with me too….:(


    • sylvia says:

      Thank you Megha….i know how it feels when you do all possible things against the odds and you find the door still closed only due to somebody’s bad attitude!!!! quiet pissing off


  2. deeks says:

    Guess NW ur fries are not dropping !!!!
    Or U like auto drivers to drop !!!


  3. deeks says:

    Ur friends don’t have time ….. did they say or its Ur assumption ?????


  4. Gaurav says:

    Why to run behind bus, and not sure why on Friday while returning home..!! and if your friend is not dropping you, make sure to poke the knife in his bike tires, I think you can do that 😛


  5. dbc says:

    Loved this – “Its not that cities are only filled with bad people but its just that we haven’t met the good people”… felt very gud!!!


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