From Street

Posted: September 26, 2013 in My Silly thoughts


Was I born to sleep on street? Was I born to be pelted stones at? Was I born due to unsafe intercourse? Was I meant to earn my daily bread in more difficult way? …I ask these question myself  over hundred times with no answer.

My tears are invisible, my wounds are ignored, my hunger is suppressed….I am just a one more living creature  on this mean earth who is meant to live without love, care,  affection and protection . If I was a well famous breed my tears would have been preserved, my poop would have been stored, and my pee would have experimented. May be I am a commoner like other millions who sleep on street but don’t judge me based on my shelter. May be I am just a sperm (SPERM n EGG…I don’t know which term they use in dog-o-logy)who won the race of “Reach-Egg-First” by mistake. But here I am living my life in hard way.

If you think I scare you don’t you think you scare me even more!!!I don’t ask you to cuddle me I just request you to respect me rather than pelting stones and making faces. After all even I have right to live

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