COOL old man!!!

Posted: October 5, 2013 in My Silly thoughts



Wearing the black blazer and sports shoes he sat there, looking cuter than ever. What caught my attention was his dressing sense he might be old and poor but dude he did have a COOL nerve to wear that dirty blazer, sports shoes with his dirty dhoti.

When I asked his name he opened his mouth and I saw his empty jaw and few old teeth. I then realized he has difficulty in talking. That’s why he used a whistle to catch the attention of the devotees whose shoes he used to guard sitting near the temple gate. The man who was standing near him said “his name is Sangaram”. The cute old man looked at me and smiled flaunting his missing teeth. When I asked his permission to click a pic he laughed loudly and nodded granting me the permission.  When I left the place he whistled and waved his hand.

Being independent, being fashionable and most of all living masking the misery and pain thanking god for beautiful day; I have lot of things to learn from him. As I walked on the footpath whistling mildly I knew it how I want to live when I am old (if I live so long)

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