When my A** hit That Wet Seat

Posted: October 23, 2013 in My Silly thoughts
With sore back and little body temperature all I wanted was to role on my bed. I stood there watching the rain drops hit the ground wondering whether my socks are going to get wet. Aching pain in my back told me its going to be long day .
With my eyes focused on road and legs ready to run I was waiting for the airport bus. With the increase in number of passenger and delayed bus I knew it it wont be easy to get a seat. As soon the bus came I started running with my small ass. As expected I didn’t get the seat. With my screaming back I moved towards the space where usually passenger dump their luggage. As it was empty I squeezed my ass and sat on it. When some moisture touched my ass I realized it is wet. So to save myself from further embarrassment I took out my old printed copy of sugama-bus-tickect and kept it under my ass. When I couldn’t feel anything I smiled and said to myself “you played smart SnL”
Seeing my stop approaching I got up from my seat. When I felt that my jeans is wet where my ass had hit that cursed seat. As I was wearing blue jeans the proof was evident to put two and two together and make it 6. As I got down from bus I was sure at least half of dozen of people specially guys would have noticed my wet jeans.  I increased my speed with my mind wondering what to do. Going back to pg to change was out of question. I knew i have to play smart again but i didn’t know how
With “Yes true, I peed in my pants” at the tip of my tongue to tell anyone who going point out their finger at my wet jeans I reached my office. When I examined my jeans in the wash room mirror I felt like banging my head to the wall. I sat there on the floor thinking, wondering. When my eyes fell on the tissue paper I smiled to myself.
When I emerged from the wash room I was smiling. With my ass looking bigger than its original size, and out of shape I was sure people will put two and two together and this time make it 8. Whatever i patted my back and said “Bravo SnL, played smart again”

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