do GooD to OTHERS

Posted: December 11, 2013 in My Silly thoughts
Last Sunday i went for a walk with my pg inmate. When our eyes fell on Goli vada paav before we know what we were doing we placed the order for vada pav. There was this cute little old man who was waiting for his order. When the i saw his big take away order i smiled and told my friend “lucky grand children, grand pa is so cool”. I stood there watching him go;stuffing my mouth with vadapav. He stood outside the shop when he saw the uneven floor. Without thinking; before my eyes blink i stood there with my extended hand. I was bit worried what to do if he scolds me you see some people dont like to take help from others.  He looked at my hand while i waited patiently what gonna happen next. Then he looked at me and gave a million dollar smile.  Slowly he took my hand and said “last time some gal helped me, may be you only!!”. With his hand in my mine i smiled and said “no sir, not me sir”. “you study?” he asked me smilingly. i loved the old man even more because he asked me “you study?” instead of common “you married?” question. When he got on the road he said “thank you young gal, god bless you”. The joy and satisfaction i got is un-explanatory.The old man turned my sad sunday into happy sunday. I will never forget the old man.

Bible says whenever possible do good to others and Father in high will return your favor.With Christmas near lets pledge to help others ignoring the staring world and prickly eyes. Who doesn’t want those extra blessings!!!!

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