W like “S” while M like “B”…….

Posted: January 17, 2014 in My Silly thoughts

Gals,Women all love letter”S” because there favorite word “Shopping” starts with it.I am sure we all know which is the letter men adored and love from their birth its “B”. Their favorite words like bike, beach,babes,beer, bum and bre… starts with it.

Gals being shopping manics spend most of their quality time in shopping for them self and for their dear ones. They might complain about their migraines or irresponsible husband but they never complain about shopping. With the body, mind and soul in one and only one thing they shop till they get exhausted. Most of the self savings and hubby’s savings they pour on gold, clothes, furniture and house hold stuff to make a sad, gloomy house into colorful home.

Men being men spend most of their adolescence  chasing  the babes in their bikes, youth in drinking beer and exposing their bare chest in beach,  and rest of the time glaring and  staring the bum and bre… .They may not remember the ladie’s face or name but they will remember their fav body parts which starts with their fav letter. may be they glare because they dont have them. The things we don’t have we long to have them; so its natural. Bike being their first wife they love her truly and deeply. Who doesnt like to strip to minimal and jump into the water. Guys being blessed with the license to “stip-anywhere-anytime” utilize the opportunity and enjoy the ocean,water. Gals being modest have to stand, watch and envy. After certain age  guys pour out their hearts in presence of their best buddy Beer. Success or failure, distress or happy they never forget their BEER Buddy. Guys may be week with dates, name but they never forget pretty babes with B n B. Relationship doesnt count in when their eyes fall on babes. gal friend or not , wife dead or alive doesnt prohibit them from admiring the beauty. as we know Men are men no matter what.Ahem ahem ,most awaited”B”!!! “Some things are good if they are unsaid”, let your imagination lead you wre you want to be

May be god knew that with females all the malls would have gone bankrupt; babes, beaches and beer wouldn’t have been admired,adored by males. That’s why he created us the way we are. Kudos god!!!you are just too smart for human being’s understanding.

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