Old man and his Self Respect

Posted: July 1, 2014 in My Silly thoughts



Envying the owners of fancy houses, Jumping from one side to other side to save myself from stamping the damn dog poop I was cursing the all dogs. As I didn’t wanted to repeat the history of stamping the poop and taking the stinking smell with me I was careful while walking on the road.

With shabby clothes, long gray hair hidden by dirty cap, untrimmed gray beard falling on his chest and polio affected legs he was struggling to peddle his cycle with his hand. As he was new to that locality when I reached my pg automatically my eyes fell on him as street light was illuminated on him. When I saw him looking at me I knew it from bottom of my heart that he is going to ask money. He took me by surprise when instead of asking money he focused all his energy in moving the old cycle he was sitting. Rusted roads and the cry of the cycle chain for the oil was enough to know the aged cycle not going to last. Without my knowledge I walked towards him and took out the 20rs and gave it to him. What he did next is something so nice and troubling I can never forget him.  When he looked at the money he smiled and signed with his hand saying no. When I insist that he should have the money he said in his language “No, I don’t want the money”. I stood there for a minute to digest what he just said.

“In this progressing , modern, technology ruling, lazy, cruel world where people do anything for money here’s an old, physically challenged man who refuses to take money in spite of his terrible condition. He may not have clean clothes, food to eat, place to sleep but still he leaves on without begging. When he started to peddle his cycle again I said “its nice to meet you sir, people like you are very rare!”. He smiled, waved at me and continued to peddle. With a plastic water bottle hung to his cycle and no food in view I just wondered when it will when he will have his next meal.


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