Make some space for Pepper spray, Knife, Taser Gun

Posted: July 17, 2014 in My Silly thoughts

If you belong to the female species of human being with lactose producing breast and female specific genetic organ which makes you sit and pee then your are not safe in your house, not on the streets, not in school , not in locked car, not in damn cursed country, trust me.  Women are still considered as puppet with whom they can play as they please and flower which they can pluck anytime they want.  Its time we make wise choices and replace lipstick, eye liner, compact with Pepper Spray, Knife and Taser gun.

While the man continues to prove his ugly manhood by forcing women for his physical lust, our old fashioned lady justice wishes to hold the scale of justice with blind folded, politicians try to play their dirty politics without shame, police register a FIR take a deep puff ,scratching their ass till some reporter start stalking them with his camera, women curse all the men with dangling bells for increased rape ratio, whole while rape victim is the only one who is tortured physically and mentally. The trauma she had to go through is beyond imagination.

Young gal was molested in car, 6 year old kid raped in school, driver misbehaved with lady passenger………n, where n is infinite

Ladies, Its high time you start protecting yourself. Make space for safety-weapons in your bag. Even though you forget your vitamin tablet don’t forget those weapons. Use them when necessary. A solid kick to at the center of the culprit might help you little bit. When you think you are ganged up and you don’t have any options, then just run screaming and shouting all the while waking up the sleeping world and god. Keep your eyes open, and watch out for yourself.


“Don’t let their dirty hands get you, because their souls are dirtier than their hands and your cry will go in vain “By SNL

(Note:All men are not bad, there are really good men out there cheers to them and for all the bad ugly men SHIT to them)


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