SuperMan and He is MINE

Posted: August 4, 2014 in My Silly thoughts


As I was about to update my age, I was preparing myself mentally. Even though I look like school kid(Thanks you Jesus buddy), have hidden gray hair(Thank you L’Oreal) I couldn’t digest the fact that, I am getting old and soon will be called old cow.

Most of my friends were planning to ease my pain with their own ways. One of my good old friend said “would you like to have box of Ferrero Rocher on your bday….?”.before even he could finish his question I sent him my address along with land mark. Who doesn’t like chocolates?Old lion(my dad) or old cow(not my mom but me) everyone loves chocolates. Then my friend stops for a minute and asked “would you like to have anything else?”. As this question was asked more frequently from past few years, I said “wrap a handsome guy in gift wrapper and send him across”. Saying that I imagined myself unwrapping a guy wrapped in gift paper and laughed. All my friend said was “let me see what I can do”. I didn’t understood the meaning of his words then.

Days rolled and officially I became old cow. As I was not happy with my title I didnt celebrated it loudly but just made of note of all the wishes,flowers, yummy 4 cakes cut and some new goodies. It was almost week by then but still I haven’t revived FR, I was disappointed. I kept quiet thinking may be he was just kidding.

One fine day I get call from nowhere to collect my parcel. As soon as I reached my office receptionist there was this delivery boy holding box. One look at the box and I knew whats there inside, delicious FR. I gave one of my best smile to the delivery boy thanked him heartily. I came to my bay and looked at the box. As I didnt wanted to share MY FR with anyone I didn’t dare to open the box. When it comes to chocolate I am a stingy person known fact.

As soon I reached my pg I threw my bag and opened the gift wrapper. I smiled when I saw the greeting. Puuur, I didn’t care about it, I tore it and threw in dustbin. I was eager to have a look at the glorious golden eggs shining and resting in their nest. All I wanted to do is unwrap them keep in my mouth and closing my eyes I enjoy every bit of it the chocolaty cover and then final treasure the nut.

But then to my utter shock I found superman staring back at me through the final plastic box. I tore the plastic box and held bobble headed superman in my hand. I remembered my dialogue “ wrap a handsome guy in gift wrapper and send him across” and my friends reply “let me see what I can do” and burst out laughing. I laughed so hard that tears were rolling down my cheek. That is something I am never gonna forget.

Good friends know us better than anyone. Their are hard to find but when you find you will be the luckiest person on the world. We share our secrets with them,fight with them, we hurt them and then we apologies them. Good old friends are like belly buttons, always there with us no matter what. Wishing you all Happy Friendship day

Now super man stands on my desk with his bobble head. Every time I see him I remember my friend who made me smile. When I am irritated I just shake the superman and he goes gagagga with his bobble head . How I wish all men were like that with bobble head:)

  1. dramahater says:

    i read i read… its nice… but wait, i thought ur cuz sent you superman


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