68 years looks small no to us but I am sure would have looked big number for those who fought and died fighting for our countries freedom and independence. What we E-bay and FB, twitter generation know the value of freedom who sits at home and order pizza online. We Lazy generation are too lazy to vote, too busy to fight for fellow countrymen, too sophisticated to know who is neighbor and too occupied to take a minutes break and recall the whole story behind our freedom and independence. Hosting the flag, saluting it and listening to some scripted speech doesn’t mean a thing

Women are still considered a puppet and harassed and molested every single second. Kids are not safe in school anymore; pedophiles work there, unmarried gal and boy cant walk on the street without being objected because their religion is different, poor cant have roof over his head because he is cursed with poverty and minister is too busy with painting his new house with wash proof paint, innocent people cant survive because he is harassed and dominated every single minute by rich, justice is long gone with tsunami without trace leaving behind us all crippled and worried, people knock at courts door seeking justice and they have to see all their seven generation waiting on the bench, Police are too ignorant to register a complaint because victim is a commoner and culprit has solid political background like oak tree, youth is busy trying out cigarette, alcohol and sex while kids are forced to work to earn their meal; rules, regulations made to save their rights are rusting like BMTC bus rod. Still many more problems in hand when we prepare our self for a government holiday our country is still crying for its freedom

Let’s all remember our ancestors struggle and fight, the blood they shed and their describable sacrifice. Let’s all vow this Independence Day to do something new; let’s start with doing good to your neighbor, your fellow country man. Something nice, something out of blue and make him smile. eg one time meal to a poor hungry man, not dumping the waste on roads. It’s up-to you how you will make 68th independence special. Don’t divide country on basis of religion, caste, custom and state instead be that independent foundation brick on which our countries foundation is laid. With understanding the true meaning of freedom and independence lets decide to live in harmony and peace. Wish you all happy Independence Day


  1. few more facts.. 1/3rd of world’s poor live in India, 1/3rd of worlds total children who die from not having proper food(malnutrition) are from India.. And I am sure there are many 1/3rds like these which are associated with us and it really hurts ! But.. these things keep us grounded and we should be reminding ourselves not lose that pride of being an Indian and if not fight, at-least raise our voices and concerns against these wrong doings. There are lot of other good things we have done in these last 68 years.. there are plenty.. we remained democratic and solved or at-least tried to solve most of the issues democratically. We never invaded another country for any petty gain.. we are the second largest country in terms of population and still kept our economical growth better than many of the autocracies… we helped the world in knowing that there could be traces of water on the Moon.. And a fact which is more relevant to the likes of you and me.. we built a mammoth software industry from gound up in matter of 20 years.. And to sum all these up, an American congressmen once said ” They(India) don’t need a lot of help from outside to build an atomic bomb, remember, they are the ones who invented computer chips!! ”

    I take pride in myself for being an Indian in-spite of all these evil things around us. Hope you also feel the same. After-all not every country in this world still doesn’t have the liberty of eating pizza let alone ordering it on-line !!



    • sylvia says:

      Hey Bro,

      Comment was Very touchy han!.you could have sent me a guest post:)i would have been over the moon
      I am proud to be Indian, true thing. Its just that we Indians needs to be broad minded and respect humanity . Hope is the medicine for everything.
      Happy Independence day, Jai Hind:)


  2. navee says:

    I always wonder, why all people simply ignore actual problem and concetrate on just effects of that root cause. For all these problems, reason is simple. “OVER POPULATION” It was around 350 million before Independence, after division into Pak, Ban and India, now India’s population is more than 1200 million. How the hell govt can administrate these many people effectively. Who in the world can provide security to these many. Which god can guide and inject spirituality and good thoughts into these many people. Land area is not increased but concetration of people increased, as result lot of farm fields are changed into residential land. So HUNGER is essential. U may say technology would help. Yes, but it concetrates more in destruction rather than creation. (I dont consider test tube baby creation is a boon :P) So stop complaining and educate all by shouting only word OVER-POPULATION


    • sylvia says:

      OVER-POPULATION is down shadowed by Corruption,poverty, communal fights,illiterate . I strong believe when all those issues are resolved(never gonna happen) India will be a better place to live


      • navee says:

        It cann’t be shadowed by any, but simply it was ignored. Otherwise, people may have to stop breeding. NO ONE can raise their voice against it, as it is against religious beliefs. Anyways, India is still a better place than many other countries, where we can even post jokes on president and prime minister (Freedom of speech :P). Above all problems can be easily eradicated with less population.


  3. Vaibhav Shinde says:

    Absolute right


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