IT’s HARLEY Ride Beeyach

Posted: September 15, 2014 in My Silly thoughts


I was waiting for the signal to turn to red near MG road metro station when i heard that mind blasting, heart racing,ear drum ruling sound “dugdugdudg” when i looked at the Harley Davidson moving gloriously grabbing all attention i smiled to myself . My dream to feel the heaven, experience the unforgettable moments with the beautiful beast was just hours away. During mass that day i started a small prayer ” Bless Mr G for his generosity for allowing me “The Nuisance” creature to ride with on his sexy Harley Davidson. Bless my back even though i vowed not to go on rides after the fatal accident , this ride is important to me, Amen.”

Sunday , September 14th 7.0AM, I looked at MR G waiting on other side of road with his love of his life “Harley Davidson”. I was bit nervous because one of my dream was becoming reality within few seconds. Never in my life i thought i will ever get a golden opportunity to ride her. I crossed the road in hurry because i didnt wanted to waste a single minute. I touched her i smiled and blushed. Mr G said “come on SnL hop on, my gal is waiting to roll on the road”. I zipped my jacket and made sure the big helmet is locked properly covering my small skull. Usually i dont like helmets as they block my ears from listening to the crazy wind. But Mr G had clearly said “no getting on my baby without shoes, jacket and helmet”. That was the reason i was wearing huge helmet like that ugly guy in the movie “Predator”
“Wild Dugudugu” MR G started the engine and i sat there holding my breath ….1 2 3 boom!We were on road moving. I was blushing, yeah finally i was blushing and was smiling continuously. Even if a guy would have kissed me on my lips i wouldn’t have blushed so much. This was something different, something beyond imagination. How i wish i could put all the words to explain the  sensation, joy, satisfaction i felt sitting on the pillion seat. Mr G kept his baby rolling carefully. Must say hes a awesome rider, he knows when to increase and decrease her speed. His mind is synchronized in such a way that he understands his bikes desires. His hand commands made while turning left or right were so clear and firm i sat there glaring at them. This whole time my favorite “wild Dugudugu” was on and i was falling in love with that sound madly deeply. Mr G carefully over took other vehicles zup…zup..zup and within fraction of second we were on empty road headed towards Kolar, regular bikers hot spot. All this time not even once i stopped smiling and i was sure that smile would be there whole day.


MR G increased the speed and his baby started to roll on even more faster. Once in a while Mr G kept on my tapping my leg to make sure i am still there. With my non-stop smile on my face i unfolded my hand in titanic pose and looked at the blue sky. With wind caressing my face i felt i am flying high in land where there is  no worries, pain only peace, everlasting smile and satisfaction.

We had crossed few miles then when suddenly Mr G take a U turn and rolls his baby in opposite direction!!!. I wanted to tell him not to go back home so soon, If we are going home then to take a longer route. I didnt wanted to get down from bike not yet. Man!!! i was loving every bit of it. MR G stopped his baby near a hotel and said “will eat something and then roll again”. I didnt know till then i was holding my breath. I smiled and said “Thank god!! sure thing” When i turned my head my eyes fell on speed bikers. With their customize bikes and customized jackets they looked like alien to me. For one second i felt i am in land of bikers. One by one they started to leave. “Zoink” in fraction of second they were all gone. Even though sports bikes were all trendy and sexy i was still in love with Harley. I wouldn’t dare to compare Harley with any other bikes If i do its will be a great sin. Comfortable back seat,mind blowing sound, what else a crazy gal like me can ask for.

“Wild Dugudugu” Mr G rolling his baby he was able to grab attention and i was able to grab envious looks and stares. I smiled at them understanding their feeling. I looked in envious-stares direction gave one of my best smile and said in my mind “i know how you feel, been there felt that. But sitting here is glorious and heavenly.  Hope someday you will meet some generous friend like Mr G and you too will enjoy your Pillion seat”.

After we covered some more blessed Kilometers Mr G decided that we should head back home, to Bangalore. This time i was not disappointed because by then we had covered many kilometers . Then came glorious moment for MR G and his baby. He completed 10,000Kilometers with his baby. With his baby 10,000KM displaying on the screen he was blooming like a rose with happiness. In 8 months covering 10K K.M is a big achievement for a hard core biker i felt.

On the way back we stopped for coffee. While sipping coffee his explained about his group rides and the fun. When i looked at him with hope in my eyes he smiled and said “ok, ok, may be I can tag you along in a group ride “. And my face lighted up like a Christmas tree decorated with colorful bulbs. I asked Mr G “So your baby is a she or he”. MR G chuckled and said “we address him as he because he is such a beast we want to believe that even hes a guy but whom I am kidding its actually “SHE”. I looked at her and said 36-28-36 if you call that as he then Mr G you are very wrong.


We were few Kilometer away from Bangalore when i unfolded my hands for the last one time to feel the joy of flying, the dust, the road and the heat.

When we reached Bangalore i got down from my favorite hot spot, i patted her back I thanked Mr G from bottom of my heart. I stood there watching while Mr G rolled away with his baby with “wild Dugudugu”. I took a deep breath wondering how i am gonna miss that sound. I may never own her but I am proud to say i own the glorious moments with her.

PS:I am blessed because my friends are always there to make sure I get what I want. Thank you MR G for making my dream come true.


To be continued…..(Hopefully)

  1. N says:

    I stopped at the nasty helmet comment. Ask me again for my helmet, u ungrateful skunk.


  2. Every-time you turn the key on that thing, you are promised of an exciting prospect. That dugudugu sound syncs well with something else.. Rider’s HEARTBEAT !


  3. Romish says:

    Well your imagination could’ve been better, nevertheless, certainly a good flow..!!Nice//!!…. but from a rider’s point -the pillion should,rather than blushing with joy on the bike..!!)).. its important to understand the riding rhythm and to sync with the rider to ensure ease manoeuvring while cruising on top speed…as you know pillions can cause imbalance that hold back to rider from smooth ride… well u seem to have been gushing with joy of your dream… than realising the importance of the safety of the ride.. in your case…the rider may have understood the pillions motives and intuitions…!!!! am sure you enjoyed the ride… Cheers..!


    • sylvia says:

      I know Pillion rider plays an important role, his tiny move can change whole track. But in my case i was lucky because rider was an expert. Yeah definitely enjoyed my ride


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