Posted: October 13, 2014 in My Silly thoughts


In the name of of father, son and holy spirit my hand automatically move in cross sign. After approving my reflection in the mirror I pick my heavy, stuffed bag and lock my door. Morning prayers; I am kinda religious you see. Convent school, convent college play important role in my belief in my religion. If I would have done PHD in convent institution I would have been a superior in some convent but real BAD one!!!With my 2 years old watch reflecting early hour of beautiful day,…..wait a second I wouldn’t dare to call it beautiful day until I feel the luck or cosmos are in my favor. I cross the road and wait for my ride, green color, fancy bus with KIA12 shining on it.

While I wait my eyes and mind role like wagon wheel. I see auto drivers honking their horns and trying hard to grab my attention; and My mind sends them signal :Dude when its necessary you show me your ass and now here you are being mother Theresa. I see mothers carrying their kids heavy bag walking their kids to school while their kids walk freely without any load; and again my mind try to send signal :let them carry their bags, train them rather than pampering them, make them independent instead of making them a parasite which have to depend on you for everything even to decide which undies to wear,you wont be around always. My eyes never leave the fat kid’s face when he comes swinging his hand with his dad and mom while I see pride for him in his fathers eyes I see limitless, not-punshing-for-mistake-ever love in his mothers. The royal treatment of “dont keep it up crow will prick, don’t keep him down ant will bite” treatment to the kid going to be costlier than the money spent on braces;barrier for his teeth so that they stay where they are rooted. Kid gives me one of his look to me when he pass by, I say in my mind :batata vada, you need exercise and lot more of it. Before the cheese,fries cast spell on your forever, try to get out of their clutch. I wouldn’t be surprise if you sending mail to customer service to provide customize XXL.

With delayed every minute I change my standing posture listening to all kinds of noises, sounds, chaining my bag from left hand to right and then again left wondering what in heaven name is my bag. To begin with my fancy big purse;I am trendy, …but wait a minute isn’t there a saying “handbags of ladies are mystery!!!”. I love to keep it that way. When finally I am worn out my ride comes making space in the crowded road with its own way.

When automatic doors open I make way towards the waiting door showing my hand to stop to all impatient bikers coming in my way. Bangalorean impatient bikers!!I wonder where there are riding in such a hurry. They ride in footpath, in one way from both directions. May be they like challenges or love to break rules I dont know for sure.

As I get in to bus I pick a seat where hot pricky sun rays cant reach. Before I get settled conductor gives me ticket. I dont even have to mention my destination you. As I travel everyday we kind of have mutual understanding. Dozers, headphones-pluggers, window seat lovers , Non-stop-tlakers and match-my-earing-wtih-sandal-stap babes around I try to settle down. Then I look at the babe again wondering what time they get up to keep up their babe look. Foundation:tick,compact:tick,liner:tick,kajol:tick,lipstick:tick,cute earring:tick,matching necklace:tick,hair-free hands:tick……i get nostalgic feeling so I stop mentally ticking and look out of the glass window. I throw my hands in air and shout “when will ill start my BABE look, when?” in my mind. I still remembered the day when my few eyes lashes came of while removing the kajal one evening. That day I realized being babe is not everybody’s glass of vodka, its pain in bladder. Ohhh…yaaa…i yawn shamelessly wishing I was still on my bed. Even though my teeth show the proof of removal of cavity I open my mouth in big “O” shape and then cover my hand over it. MANNERS!!!

Green color bull moves chasing all other minute vehicles stopping in all possible places where a passenger is trying out all tactis to grab drivers attention. I sigh looking at the same passengers everyday, there’s no guy who make my heart flip-flop. Sometimes you need that “G” string to lit sparks to your life. Excitment, joy, fun.. My bad kismath, first women’s college and now this boring bus ride. I see the traffic roaring in the road Color-color-what-color cars, infinite bikes, bullying BMTC buses, insane auto drivers, road-is-our-birthright bicyclers, I feel giddy seeing them all to win the race of travel. Sometimes even signal goes crazy seeing the rushing traffic. one minutes they are green, next second they turn to red before anybody could walk on the faded zibra crossing it turns to green. This was bound to happen. As I get down in my stop I see this fancy boys school. With green pants and white shirt they rule residency road. I peep inside the gate while waiting near the signal to cross the flooded road with traffic. The greed to do my high school again goes wild. Sometimes I see few gals in green mini skirts walking towards their school on other side. With that miniskirt galsand those extra forward boys if they would have been in same compound more than 2 minutes I am sure they would re-return history.

I cross the road and look at the people who are crossing from other direction, hoping my prince charming will appear and make my heart go gheeee gheee. If you read excess of romantic novels this will be the side effect you have to live with rest of your life. I smile on my stupid imagination and walk. As I set my feet in that fancy lane I get this “wish-that-was-my” house feeling. Lawn, gardens, doberman, tress…. While having a Tulsi plant is big deal in Bangalore they have whole garden. I chuckle wondering from where they got so much wealth?may be they were born with platinum spoon or may be they are into some kind of business or may be black money. Whatever may be the case they are defiantly not IT people because if they were then they wouldnt have been living in that fancy,expensive area. After walking for a while; I see this 12 number written in Italic font in front of fancy big house. With black gate and security guards in black safari suit. They have big CCTV installed in front of their gate I just look at it and wonder. When my mind cant come any conclusion I walk and see squirrel playing on the compound wall of Mrs Dias . She must be a nice lady because she have kept water in a bowl which mostly birds and squirrels make use of it. No matter how rich the people of residency road are, no matter how big their houses are but their drainage system must be smaller than the cow cut. Stinking water flowing on the road is proof of it. As I reach the end of the road I see big pit, I wouldn’t be surprise someday someone will be calling for help from down there. I just don’t want to be the someone to fall in. I look at the security guards in front of the private bank standing with serious look on their face . When any officer comes they salute him and wish good morning. I don’t understand whats the need to salute them, are they our national flag to stand in attention and salute!!!!Are they paying them extra for that public act I just wonder. Then comes my favorite homely apartments “7”. With tamarind trees, lot many plants that’s a dream place to stay. When I hear the carefree laughter I turn my eyes across the road. Women’s College!!Every mans dream. A smile from nowhere appears on my face remembering my moments, time in my college.

When finally I reach my destination; where I have make sure people know my existence for 9 hours I sigh. I take deep breath and walk praying time to be merciful on me and to pass quickly.

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