I Will Wait Till The End…..Chapter 17

Posted: October 20, 2014 in STORY

When Jennys eyes fell on the familiar and most adorable face her smile disappeared. She opened the door wide open and moved aside so that Kegan can pass through. Dressed in casual blue faded jeans and white shirt with sleeved folded till his elbow he looked sexy. He had combed his hair neatly backwards. It was not his clothes but his eyes caught Jennys attention. When she was observing him carefully his eyes never left her face capturing her every reaction.. When Their eyes collided Jenny’s turned around. Before she could call Mr Lewis he came to the hall and said “Come to study Kegan , will talk there”. When the door closed behind their back Jenny wondered what they were talking.

After helping Mrs Lewis in the kitchen she picked the phone. When her eyes fell on her dad number she paused for a while. Its been 2 years since she had spoken to her dad. She had spoken to her mom few times but never to her dad. She pressed the dial button and walked outside towards her garden. When her ears heard the familiar voice she stood there holding the phone without saying anything. When her dad said “hello” again she cut the call. She looked at the sky and thought wonder why the gap between her and dad increased so much.

Jenny was so much absorbed in her thoughts that she didn’t realized Kegan was standing there and watching her. Kegan stood in silence watching the woman whom he love madly. Her lifeless smile, her sparkles eyes which hide their excitement every time they see him and her ….Before he could continue with what he was doing Jenny turned towards him.His eyes couldn’t miss the sparks which vanished within fraction of time. Jenny said “Wonder how come they didn’t teach you manners during training. People don’t like to be watched”. Kegan smiled and said “My manners vanish with thin air when I see the woman of my heart”. Jenny laughed and said “where you learned all this filmy dialogue?.  If you use those charming lines with some other gals they might fall for you head over heels. If not for those lines but will definitely fall for 6feet and broad shoulder so try out those cheap tricks on someone else but not on me…”. Kegan stood there watching her; his smile was disappeared. He closed the distance between them slowly, very slowly, with his eyes never leaving her face. When he stood in front of her he said “I never say such things if I don’t mean it”. He traced a finger across her cheekbone and said “I may not be your Ron and but I am the same man who loved you the moment my eyes fell on you, will love today and will love tomorrow. “ He smiled when he felt Jenny flinch on his touch. He said “and I know deep down inside you even you love me, You don’t have to tell me that I can read it in your eyes. Anyways be strong, eat well  and take care of my heart because I am leaving it with you. before she could say anything he bent and kissed her forehead and said “Bye Jenny, see you tomorrow in office”. Before she could come back to her senses he was gone. She stood there for a minute to realize what really happened.  She couldn’t understand why he kept on kissing her but not in sexual way but caring way. Its not that she didnt liked it its just that nobody kissed her that way not even Ron.

Mrs Lewis was watching her daughter-in-law through the kitchen window. She didn’t like the way that Army officer was behaving with Jenny. After all she was his Rons widow. But Mrs Lewis had seen the sparks in Jenny’s eyes when she had seen that army officer. She looked at Jenny’s lifeless face and said “if that’s what you want, I am with you”

Jenny tried to sleep but when couldn’t she sat on her bed. Her eyes were swollen crying. Still she could hear  what Mr Lewis had said “I like Kegan, very straight forward guy. Me and Rons mother we are getting old . Even Ron wanted the same thing for you….”.”Never!!!, my Ron wouldn’t want me to marry someone, love someone when he knows that how much I love him. I am gonna keep my promise and will wait for him. Who said he is dead. He is still alive. I can still feel him, still see him in my dreams….. When Jenny realized her voice was shaking she stood there watching the floor. She wiped her tears and said “Don’t force me dad, I still love Ron. How can I love someone else when I still love Ron?”. MRs Lewis’s cheeks were wet with tears. She said “Jenny, you are like a daughter to us. I cant see my daughter dying every day. All we are saying is think about it. Kegan seems to be a nice guy. He will keep you happy. May be he will love you more than Ron.”. Jenny said “Nobody can love some other man’s widow…nobody….. Fine, I will marry if that’s what you want me to do”. Saying that she walked away closing the door behind her. RJ followed her and she walked miles not knowing the time and miles.

Birds were flaying back to their nest, sun was eager to take days off, stars were trying to show their presence but Jenny didn’t stop walking. When her legs started to pain she realized how far she had walked. She was few miles away from her home. Knowing that MR Lewis and Mrs Lewis will get worried she checked her pockets thinking of calling them. When she couldn’t find her phone she cursed herself for her stupidity. She started to walk back thinking it wont long when a search party will be searching for her. “You seems to be lost and I am sure Mr Lewis is already on his way to search you”. When Jenny’s eyes fell on Karnal Saching Sharma she greeted him and said “I just came for walk with RJ, He loves walking as much as I do”.Sachin Sharma smiled and said “who doesn’t love walk. By the way I wanted to ask you something”. Saying that he paused. When he realized he had Jennys attention he said “I know its hard for you but I had to ask. By any chance Ron told you anything about some project or gave any document”. Jenny thought for a while and said “No Sir, as per my knowledge he never discussed his work with me. If you want I can ask my father may be he knows..” Sachin Sharma said in his steady voice “no Jenny, that wont be necessary, I will talk to him myself.  Jenny was about to ask him something when a car came and stopped near them. When Jennys eyes fell on the familiar figure she stood there motionless. The man who caused her somuch distress, so much pain sat there with his eyes on her.Before Jenny could say her fairwell to the old office Sachin Sarma said “looks like Mr Lewis alredy assigned task to this young man, you better hurry, see you around”. Saying that he walked away.

Standing in front of her he said “you can stand here as long as you want, I don’t mind waiting for you. In fact I love waiting for you. That’s what I am doing, but think about other people who are worried thinking about you. So it will save lote of time and energy if you get into car”.

“I will marry you Kegan not because i want to or not because you want to. I marry you because they want to. And Mark my words I will never love you. Till my death I will love Ron and Ron alone. Knowing this if you still want to marry me then boy all the very best…” Kegan smiled and Jennys eyes blinked. Wonder why she was attracted to this man she thought. He said in steady voice “Day is not far away when you voluntarily say you love me.” He looked into her eyes as if he is trying to read something. He said “Till then I will wait as I do now”.  Jenny said “then you have to wait long Kegan, I will never say that. Because I love Ron and always will love Ron, do you hear me, I love Ron till the end”. Walking towards her he shook her and said “Ron is dead, he never going to come back. Live with present not the past. Don’t waste you love and tears on someone who never going to come back. Ron I am always jelous of that….”. When Jennys right palm struck his cheek He stood there watching her.  He said “Truth is alwys bitter Jenny but don’t worry I will make sure Ron will never haunt you back” .Saying that He pressed his lips on hers. To Jenny’s surprise she responded. Kegan broke the kiss and said “day is not far when you think only about me, day is not far when you dream only about me and day is not far when you wait only for me remember that.”


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