I Will Wait Till The End…..Chapter 18

Posted: October 20, 2014 in STORY

Rain was pouring nonstop with joy in the beginning on June. Even though it was only 5 o’clock in the evening with dark clouds it looked like sun is impatient to take its leave.She was wearing her wedding gown for second time to repeat her vows that too second time. She looked around and she felt everything was same, same vows, same church, same dress but the groom was different. Her eyes filled with tears when she remembered Ron. Under her eye lashes she looked at her future husband was looking breath taking in her black tuxedo. Even though she didn’t want to accept that fact that she was drawn to Kegan inspite of her all struggle to hold back. All were looking at her and she stood there as if stuck by lightning. Kegan bent and whispered in her ears “Jenny you have to repeat your vows …”. She looked at Kegan’s mouth and held her breath. She dared to spend one more minute wondering about whether it was his charm or his looks made her attracted to him. Kegna winked at her and said “for that you have to wait hon, now say your vows”. With blush on her face she repeated her vows. She took a deep breath thinking she was Mrs Ron in past and now she was Mrs Kegan.

She found her dad and mom talking to Mr and Mrs Lewis and walked towards them. When she found somebody’s arm around her shoulder she didn’t turn back for she knew whose hand it was. Kegan said “they look all happy and relieved”. How Zenny wanted to disagree with him. She thought he had no right to tell her about her own family. As she didn’t wanted to stand there and listen to her husband she walked towards her parents. To her astonishment Kegan followed her and stood by her side facing her parents. Indeed they looked happy she thought. She wanted to tell her husband to move away and giver her some space as his arm was again back on its place. She looked at him and opened her mouth to tell him what she felt when Mrs Lewis said “I guess its too late and you couple to retreat for the night”. Jenny held her breath her second first night with her second husband. She swallowed the bile in her mouth and looked at Mrs Lewis. Kegan said “Yes, we should take our leave but before that I want to say something to you all”. Jenny’s parents and Rons parents looked at him with curious eyes wondering what he is going to tell them. When Kegan felt he has their undivided attention he said “I assure you, that I will take care of Jenny till my last breath, I wont make her do anything against her will. I will always put her needs before mine. I know I cant replace Ron but ill make sure I will do all my duties as a husband”. Jenny’s parents smiled at him and Mrs Lewis eyes filled with tears. Mr Lewis patted Kegan on his shoulder and said “you made this old man relax, I have full faith on you my boy”

After taking their leave Kegan started his jeep with Jenny sitting in front seat with RJ on her lap. Jenny was patting RJ’s head while her mind was lost in its own thoughts. Kegan stopped his jeep in front of his quarters and said “we are home Jenny”

Jenny took a deep breath and got down from jeep. Excited RJ went inside the open gate. She looked at the house and said “I don’t want to go inside, I want to go to my home. This is not my home….”. Her eyes were filled with tears and she was crying against all odds. She tried to control but she couldn’t. she collapsed to the ground with fresh tears flooding. Kegan picked her in his arms and held her close to her heart. He said “I know its hard but tell you everything will be alright. Trust me, give me a chance”.  She sobbed against his chest and he lost his calm. When he couldn’t think anything he put her back in the jeep and whistled for the dog. He started the engine after securing RJ in Jenny’s lap.

When they reached Mr Lewis house Jenny had fallen asleep. After talking to Mr and Mrs Lewis he picked his wife carefully without waking her up in his arms and walked towards the room, which she shared with Ron. After putting her to bed he covered her with blanket and stood there watching her. He felt someone stabbed to his heart. He kissed her on his forehead and closed the door on his way out. Even though he looked cool from outside his heart going through a roller coaster. He took deep breath to get control over his emotions.


Jenny opened her eyes to see the dark. She fumbled with the switch wondering where she was. She remembered seeing Kegan’s house and she sobbing against his chest. She didn’t have a clue where he was driving when she had fallen asleep with RJ on her lap. Color rise to cheek when she realized that it must be Kegan who bought her to her house, to her room and put her t bed. Kegans absence made her wonder where he might be sleeping. When she realised she is still in her wedding dress she changed her clothes and wrapped a blanket around her. House was in total dark other than dim light glowing in passage. She descended the steps wondering where RJ is sleeping. She walked towards the kitchen and had a glass of water. When she saw the light coming out of the study she walked towards it and opened the door carefully not making any sound. There was RJ sleeping near the sofa. When he realized it was her who had disturbed his sleep he went back to sleep ignoring her presence. Slowly she walked towards sofa and stood few meters away from it so that she could see it clearly. There was Kegan sleeping  with one hand over his forehead and other on the floor. His struggle to fit his entire body in that short sofa was screaming his discomfort ability. Its then her eyes fell on the empty whisky glass on the floor. She picked the glass from floor and place it on the nearby table. Without her command her eyes loiter over his body. He was still wearing the clothes from that evening. With tuxedo gone and white shirt unbuttoned till his chest he looked tired to her. Even her husband was rich with his looks and charm he still wont be able to enter her heart she thought. She covered him with blanket which she had wrapped around her. When her fingers became needy with touching his hair on forehead she off the light and walked away. She stood against the closed door and took deep breaths. Even though she didn’t want to, her body and heart responded to Kegan against all barriers. Even her love for her dead husband was losing the battle

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