I Will Wait Till The End…..Chapter 19

Posted: October 20, 2014 in STORY

Jenny never imagined that her holidays will be so relaxing ,reading books and walking RJ .Even though Kegan had holidays he used to spend most of his time in office which gave Jenny more space and time to adjust to her new house. Every day she visited Mr and Mrs Lewis with RJ. Whenever Kegan was free he used to accompany Jenny to Mr Lewis house. Sometimes they have dinner there and walk back home. Even though Kegan was trying hard to make his place in her heart she was still holding to her past, to Ron.

One night after having dinner Kegan and Mr Lewis were talking in hall while Mrs Lewis and Jenny were washing utensils. Mrs Lewis said “Hes a nice guy Jenny, give him a chance, he loves you. You cant hold on to your past for long” .Jenny had looked at Mrs Lewis wondering why she was telling her this. Mr Lewis touched her cheek with love and said “I am not blind Jenny, I can see how you run away from him. I know you married him because you felt its that’s what will make us happy, you don’t know how wrong you are”. Jenny hugged Mrs Lewis and said with teary eyes “I am trying, but its hard, I still love Ron..” When she chocked Mrs Lewis said “Ron is dead, accept the fact, nothing will bring him back, try to compromise with your past and try to live”.

That’s night as it was late they stayed back. Jenny was pretty nervous as she had to share her bedroom with Kegan. In Kegan house she never faced that problem. She never shared his bed. She always slept on the couch and Kegan never said anything to her. Her mother-in-laws words were still echoing in her mind.

After saying good night to Mr and Mrs Lewis, Kegan, RJ and Jenny walked towards her room which she had shared it with Ron in past. Cold breeze was not helping her to ease her nervousness instead it was increasing. She opened the door to her room so that Kegan can enter. She stood there watching her bed which she had shared it with Ron. Their love making was still alive in front of her eyes. She took a deep breath to control her emotions. Kegan whispered “relax Jenny, I am not going to do anything. I love you that doesn’t mean I will force you. “, saying that he bent and kissed her hair and said “Good night sweet dreams”. Jenny stood there motionless watching Kegan while he put the mattress on the floor and slept on it. RJ climbed on the bed and waited for her to join. Even though Kegan’s eyes were closed she was sure he is still waiting for her to say something. She wiped her tears and walked towards her bed. She picked her blanket and covered Kegan with it. She touched his shoulder with gratitude and said “Thank you Kegan for understanding”.


She tossed her comforter and turned towards her husband’s side. She just wondered how he can sleep so easily. When she couldn’t lie down she picked her robe and walked towards kitchen. RJ yawned and followed her thinking he will be treated for his loyalty.


She was eating ice cream in kitchen when she heard sound from study. She looked at RJ who was alert now. She picked the knife from kitchen counter and started walking in direction ofstudy. When she realised she will be risking RJ life she lifted the dog in her arms and put him in bathroom and closed the door. Furious RJ started barking which made the sound and light in study disappear. Jenny held the knife steadily and walked towards study wondering who it will be in study. Before she could open the door of study Kegan was there holding her hand. He said “Go back to your room and wait there”. Jenny stared at him and opened her mouth to deny. He pushed her away from door and said “go now,  if anything goes wrong I want you to call the police…”. Finally when she felt she cant take it anymore she said “I am going nowhere Mr Kegan. If I am going anywhere it will be study. If you cant believe then watch me when I do”. Saying that she pushed the door to study followed by Kegan right behind her. As it was dark she couldn’t see anyone. She signalled Kegan to be alert and switched on the light. They both were scanning the room carefully when Jenny saw some movement behind the curtain. Before Jenny could reach the curtain Kegan saw an gun aimed at Jenny. Without thinking twice he stepped in front of his wife not caring the consequence. Gun fired shot in Jennys direction which hit Kegan who was blocking its way. If Kegan wouldn’t have stepped it would have Jenny’s last day on earth. Jenny turned to see Kegan bleeding and run towards him. The person behind the curtain took advantage of the situation and took out his gun and aimed at Jenny’s back. Kegan held his hand over his wound and stood watching his wife come running towards him. After all this is not the first time they were fighting their enemies, side by side. As soon as Jenny reached his open arms he held her close and turned his back towards the guy who was hiding behind the curtain. Kegan was still holding Jenny in his arm when the second bullet hit his back. The pain was un-bearable. He looked at his confused wife in his arm and collapse to the floor. He touched his blood stained hand to lips and said “sometimes you should listen to me love”, saying that he lost his conscious.

Making use of this opportunity the two men escaped. Jenny struggle to sit in her husband’s arms. Kegan was hurt badly and was bleeding. She touched his cheek and tried to wake him up. When he didn’t make any move she sat there holding his head second time in her lap and saying that she will listen to him only if he opened his eyes, tears from her eyes were falling on Kegan’s face. He loves her truly she had no doubt else he wouldn’t have saved her twice in single moment.



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