Jog In LALBAGH it is

Posted: February 23, 2015 in My Silly thoughts

With my bestie’s left for country of sand, oil and sheikhs  I was left alone to wonder how to kill my time. Gone are the crazy time of shopping, scooty rides, house parties, Tequila shots and hangovers. With little option left , I thought its time I started striking out the things I listed in my infamous “To-Do-List”. Owning Rolls-Royce(In my dreams), visiting Scotland(Really!!), Playing Tennis(Dying to play), trek to Himalayas, publishing a book(unusual possibility), falling in love(not in this birth), help somebody to achieve his/her dream,…, with my crazy list I decided I will go for “jog in Lalbagh”. My only sensible thing in To-Do-List.


I asked my friends would they like to join me to the morning jog. When they got to know hitting Lalbagh (4 KM away from my place ) at 6AM is in my mind they laughed their lungs out. They pointed out the park near my pg and said “that SNL, is your location, first you get up at 7 on Saturday go for jog there then will talk about Lalbagh. I sat on my bean bag and wondering why on earth I asked them. I am independent, working woman, for a person I am, who watches movies alone in theater, goes to shop alone, travels all around bang lore with pepper spray in hand Lalbagh was nothing.I know the fact friends can not be around always. I set the alarm at 6AM on my usual resting day ‘saturday’ , usual rest last till 10AM but that day I was cutting it short.

Banglore’s chilly morning tempted me to sleep but something may be the forces around me made me get dressed and buckle up. 6.30 I was there waiting for my usual, favorite ride BIA, with puma on and jacket zipped till my throat and water bottle in hand. When I got into bus, plane lovers gave me one of those weird look. While everybody travelling to catch their plane i was there travelling to jog in Lalbagh. Crazy things i know!!
As soon I entered the gate of Lalabagh I put my head phones on and started to jog. When you don’t have anybody with you, music keeps you company.With all the morning walkers it looked like bird santuary for me. With all excitement I started to jog. It was not even 5 minutes,there I was breathless and panting for breath cursing myself from where I got this crazy idea. Food? hormones?environment or just time I wondered. I took a small break just after 5 minutes of my jog. Thanks to 9 to 6 office work for all tiredness


I picked my speed and started to jog with rhythm of the music flowing in my ears. I saw the yoga group lying on bed and doing shavasana and i was tempted. I smiled when i realized the guy who was teaching Yoga was busy watching gals passing by. Men are always men!!!.When I saw those lifeless Roses in rose garden I felt sorry for them. Never realized even roses can be malnutritioned  Then I saw people bowing their heads to the ruler of day ,with folded hand. We humans do have sentiments attached with everything. Plants, planet, trees, moon, sun stars. Then i saw a lady in her tight fit hot pants and long legs. I dont know whether shes gaining anything from her morning jog but I was sure she motivates all men to follow her on their toes. Street dogs were waging their tail when they saw their friend with biscuit in hand. Couples were busy posing for their wedding album or profile picture. Pigeons were dancing with their own tune while picking the grains from the ground. Never in a single minute I felt alone. After jogging,walking and resting for 1 hour I stood there watching the sparkling sun’s reflection in water. I felt placid, not even weekend work call could have changed my mood .


Don’t let lack of goals in life demotivate you from enjoying your life. Sit and list out the crazy things which you want to do in this life time. It can be anything making love under shining stars, or having 7 kingdom in monkey bar, asking a guy out or ride Harley Davidson. whats life without little bit crazy “To-Do-List”

  1. Chandini says:

    Loved the way you ended your post 🙂
    very true life is all about those tiny winy things which makes life worth living!


  2. unknown says:

    From where u get time to write !!!, good one wish u all the best.keep smiling…:)


  3. Swathi says:

    Nice one Sylvia..


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