King of his Kingdom

Posted: March 13, 2015 in My Silly thoughts

With the unstoppable clock ticking; its only job, I waited patiently for the ride back home in the evening. With increasing heavy traffic, dust and heat in beginning of March I just wonder how it will be in mid summer. With the friendly Security guy’s assurance I waited killed few mosquitoes, waited and scratched my ass, waited and listened to the pigeons “hun-hun” , saw their feathers falling from fly over, waited and then I saw him.

With dirt rolled pants they were un-distinguishable of its real color, torn dirty white stripe shirt which opened to his chest, long uncombed hair was flying in its own direction along with wind. Water, healthy food, clean clothes, foot wear I am sure his body wouldn’t have seen those things in the past. What caught my attention was his escorts. Some where crippled, somewhere healthy but the common factor was they were all from street.

They walked when he walked they stopped when he stopped. The synchronization was intact.  With army of 6 dogs he looked like a king of his own kingdom.  He never barked any command at them.

He spoke to himself, stood there shouting at some invisible object, passerby stared at him and walked away. When the street dogs who were the owner of that territory observed the intruders, they started barking at the proceeding army with fear in their eyes. For safety they took the near by car as barrier. When they didn’t get any attention they collected their broken courage and took few steps and continued barking in high pitch.

The king  walked while his army ignored the unwanted noise. I waited and counted for the king to react. King didn’t budge to anyone and continued to walk with head held high. I was wondering how the king is still calm when my nerves were almost at the peak listening irritating bark. King took me by surprise and stopped walking. Annoying dogs got into the kings nerves and he shook his head like angry asura from Mahabharata. .He chased the dogs who were barking at him and scolded them in some language. His pitch, or his attire or his language I don’t know what made the dogs pee in their pants. All I know was they ran with fear. With Kings loyal soldiers taking advance steps towards them, and those loud cursing grunts made those scared dogs to run to their grandmothers place. When he was happy with his armies work, he continued walking towards destination which is where his legs, and road would take him.

Passerby laughed at him, they stared, I smiled because I didn’t see a mentally unstable guy, or dirty filthy human being, I saw a king with his loyal army

PS:When you see some mentally unstable person on the streets, dont laugh, dont make fun of them. They are not fortunate like you to have firm mental balance like great Wall of China. You have no clue what kinda stress they are going through. Dont call them crazy or crack head, instead call them less fortunate human.


  1. VJ says:

    Nice one sylvia…:) Only difference between a less fortunate humans and us – they think they are sane and we know we are mad :P.


  2. unknown says:

    Hnmm i feel they are very happy .no need to worry about future n past feelings.enjoying each moment like small kids.


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