Even I like to be on TOP Sometimes

Posted: March 26, 2015 in My Silly thoughts

I like it to be on Top sometimes, take it or leave it. It can be the usual board room, colorful light storming rich ramp or front seat of the Boeing or carefully constructed tail-on-fire space wagon or closed wall of my bed room. Men, I understand its un-swallow able piece of chapathi, but that’s ok with me. I understand your ego has been wounded thoroughly like wolves in twilight but give it a try its not that bad.

Males are superior and female are meant to work under them, did the society taught us or religion I mute myself rather than talk about religion. I don’t want to get bitten up or get my old parents thrashed for talking about religion. Region comes before humanity, even though holy people we follow didn’t teach us that, we twisted their teaching and came out with brand new statement “Religion is everything”. You talk about religion and you will be clueless about the shelling like LOC. Nobody gives da**(Cursing!!!!A Lady doesn’t curse according to one of the rare Mr i met, but can a guy curse??I have to ask the gentleman) to humanity when religion at stake. Humans!!!

On my own risk again I dare to bring religion, In almost every religion male are the deities, while women just give birth to them. Ram, Krishna Jesus, I wonder which part of heaven they would have would have choose to stay, if their mother went on strike and refused to conceive them. I just wonder how human rusted brain fails to see the importance of women in society. From FB CEO to Jennifer Gates father, King of pop to GOT creator all were born from their mothers womb, nobody fell from sky with gravity watching the creation clueless. There women stop their production here men will be like lost hawks flying high in sky clueless.

India has beautiful culture and there is no place for women. Men with donkey-face, beaten by Male-superior worm and 1paise respect to women says this. They don’t like women to be like them; live their life as their will because they are scared that, with women enjoying their freedom they only have to wash their hand stitched striped blue color underwear . I am talking about those men who think women on top can kick their hornets nest of pride. Ouuch!!!, . According to them women are meant to take care of their siblings when they are small, get married to a guy their parents searched without saying “but”, satisfy him physically in the night with or without her wish, Produce male heir , take care of the all other family members starting from grandfather to the 4 legged, tail wagging dog. They don’t want to listen to her wish list, they don’t want to hear her dreams, They don’t want to know what she like to do other than making Dal thadka, they don’t even want them to uncover their shadowed face with gungat. That’s because they think women are of weak sex, they are meant to be locked inside 4 walls. And have sex with them willingly or with force. According to men women are like puppet, to be used as they please and dump them when they are tired. They abuse them and sexually harass mentally.

If woman tries to feel the freedom of wind, with smile on the back seat of a bike, express her view, raise her voice, 2 leg animal with ding-dong-bell will be always ready to teach her lesson. I dont pity them rather I feel sorry for the mother who gave birth to him.

If we assume woman is safe in her work place then its untrue. school walls to highly surveillance corporate fancy walls fail to provide the safe,sex free work environment. Higher boss demand sexual favors for promotion it can be either fancy private sector or corrupt government sector. Women are degraded, abused almost every corner of the world.

God made a blunder while creating human being. How I wished he created a uterus and 2 womanly breast to men. I also wonder why he created the infra-structure of male body such a way that it can be fertile till its end while infra-structure of female body loses its capability somewhere in middle of 100. To maintain the equilibrium even the male body should have start loosing his capacity. Horses and Men!!! God might be having his own reason I tell myself again.

If a man sleeps around he is still called man,but when a woman sleeps around she is called b***. Just wonder why man is not called country dog!Narrow minded society!! you see, it always have basketfull of names for women but not for men. If a women commits adultery society stones her and brand her, while men commits adultery nobody seems to care.

There are handful of men in society who accept that women can shine like a star in any field. Those men have broaden their views and mentality with time. They respect all women in their life. It can be either their mother, sister, wife or a stranger in metro. Those kinda men stand by the women they care and respect their opinions. Opening the car door to giving his seat to pregnant woman. They are exceptionally rare breed but thank god they exist.

There are still men who don’t like women working in corporate, women dictating notes and giving final verdict in crowded room of court. May be sometimes they don’t reflex their views but when a firang lady comes with imported camera they boast about “I am the Alpha Male, women are just slave. Women are like gem, if you keep out dog will come and eat it”. Aree bhayya, to eat us just like that are we masala vada pav?

Dear men, we women are not weak sex as you have misinterpreted. We can be humble like Mother Theresa, can wild like Kali on occasion. Don’t take our silence for our weakness. We are just bear you because we know without us you can do nothing, even can tie pajamas nada(string), Without us you are nullified, without us you are that void function which doesn’t written any value. Dont harass us on religion basis. If you would have lived according to religion country would have filled with Buddha’s, Jesus’s and Rama’s . Please!!!stop wishing every woman you meet on March 8th with that 10rs smile on your face. First learn to respect women, understand her value and then will sit in Karna Johars show “Coffee with Karan “talk about women upliftment.

No religion tells you to torture women. No religion has female pastor, priest, or molvi that doesn’t mean we are fragile. We have full faith in you that’s why we never questioned your place in church, temple and mosque. If we are preparing you meals, washing your clothes and doing house hold chores doesn’t mean you can take us for a long stroll on never ending highway. Dont treat us like mute cow. We can kick at your butt and poke with horns when necessary. Again I say don’t take our silence for granted. Dont see women as an java object which you can use according to your wish. We know how your eyes move over healthy breast and butt when we pass by. You are born dog,We know, please don’t try to prove it. Understand our importance when there is still time. When you get the good news of becoming father to a daughter dont kill her when she is still in womb. Give her a chance, and you will see in your final days she will be the one who will be taking care of you. Dont judge us based on our clothes. Its not always clothes you should blame, its your attitude, your ugly thoughts we should balme for. Women in jeans to women in sarees are raped, so kindly dont blame the clothes.

Go educate your self, complete college with first class marks instead of abusing women and find decent job. Widen your views on women, respect them and try to digest the bitter truth women are equal to men in all perspective except standing and pissing in public. Remember a mother bore you, a sister took care of you, and a wife stood by you. Dont take her for a option, if she start taking you as an option, you will be that cursed sperm dreaming about the colorful world outside



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