Mother, It’s Your Day

Posted: May 8, 2015 in My Silly thoughts

I cant imagine going home and not finding my mother around. May be not her smiling but furious face should be there to take out my anxiety. Mothers are the one who turns the house into loving home.

With all said about mothers in my previous blog( I just want to say few things how you can make your mother feel special on mothers day.

*Take her out for bowling, or snooker: Let her hit the ball the way she want ignoring the rules of the stupid game.

*Take her out for a movie: it can be action bursting 3D avengers or some humorous hindhi movie. Let her relax for three hours and enjoy the movie with those big 3D glasses and popcorn in hand

*Take her shopping: Force her to buy some trendy jeans, 3/4 or skirt. Remember every human wants to be fashionable. If she feels shy be her mirror and compliment her.

*Take her to spa: Tell her its OK to lie down there on table with all tension eradicate from her muscles. With that scented candles and relaxing oil massage let her enjoy few hours doing nothing not caring about what to cook for dinner and lunch.

*Take her to beauty parlour: Encourage her to try some new trendy hair cut or streak her hair. Don’t you think its her right to look cool and beautiful

*Take her to pub: Let her try some bloody marries, daiquiris, and cocktails. We often hit the pub and try some intoxicated drinks to loosen our sense and laugh not caring the world. She is always around to take care of us. Its time you give her a chance to loosen her well hidden emotions.

*Take her dancing: It can be backyard of your house with a nicely arranged table with flowers with slow music flowing in the background. Just hold her hand and make her change place. She make not be a good dancer but encourage her, its nice to loose your foot sometimes.

*Send her out with her gang:For a change you stay at home and send her out with her ladies gang. We often go out spend time with our friends not caring how bored our mother will be without us around. For a change stay at home and do the house old chores while she enjoys that hot chocolate and lemon tart with her ladies gang.

*Gift her a some new electronic gadget: In this generation which moves along with FB, what’s app introduce some new app to your mom. She might be slow to learn but don’t give up on her. She was the one who backed you when you failed first time in your exams.

*Buy her some flowers: who doesn’t like flowers? pick some exotic flowers and make her feel cherished and pampered

*Make her laugh and spend time with her: She may not tell you her worries, the tension going in the house because she doesn’t want to burden you. At least for a day make her laugh, talk to her about her first crush, college days, first break up. Get to know your younger version of mother.

You don’t have to follow the above list to make your mother special. You know your mother best and you definitely know to bring the smile on her face.

If your mother is not with you any more, don’t feel sad, you have those glorious moments spent with her, you have pocketed her priceless smiles and laughter. So what your mother is not around, make a less fortunate mother; who lost her son or daughter in accident; happy in honour of your mother. I am sure your heavenly mother will be glad.


  1. Melroy says:

    Wonderful !! A mom is a gem to every child and those moments spent with them is irreplaceable.


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