You Tell Me FIRST

Posted: May 12, 2015 in Living My Childhood For Second Time

Crazy younger brother who obeys your every command, pampering grand parents, loving neighbourhood was more than enough for my niece to love home more than school. She started her psychological blackmail on mere mention of school and gave migraines to her family members. How I love that kid!.
Whenever I converse in English she listens to me and then she start her version of English with her own sentence with her own words from Nomad.
I asked her pulling her silken hair “See that’s why you need to go to school. To learn things, to learn English. Why don’t you go to school Alu pumpkin?” .She stood there glaring at me with her verbal attack. “Tell me SnL why don’t you get married? Tell me why and I will tell you why I don’t go to school?”. It was my turn to stare at her with open mouth. The last thing I expected was my niece to stab me with the same question which whole world is adamant to find the answer with.
I smiled at her and said “Oh my, my…now I wonder from where you picked that small little info like your butt..”. She sat on the step rolled her strand of hair with her tiny and said “I want to be flower girl SnL, want to look pretty and do chicken dance…” I interrupted her and said “Flower girl and chicken dance in your dreams!!!Why don’t you go to school? you need to learn to write ABCD,123”. She smiled and said “I don’t want to go to school, school is so boring.” Then she looked at me and continued “SnL, first you tell why you don’t want to get married and I will tell why I don’t go to school”.
I sat there with aphasia, wondering what all things will be cooking in that small brain of hers. She might be almost-4 but her tongue and brain is faster than her growth.


  1. Melroy says:

    See now even your Niece can shut you down with the Wedding Talks and there is nothing you can do till u get hitched!! All the best


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