Be The Reason for A Happy Ending

Posted: May 22, 2015 in My Silly thoughts


WAITING, many people life is dependent on that. A poor waits for a better life, suffering patient waits for a relief. Some peoples wait ends with happy ending while others never get to see the end.

I had been to this wedding other day. With groom and bride smiling ,merry with family members and relatives it was a spectacular environement. Youngsters were dancing, women were gossiping, men were discussing IPL ,kids were chasing the flying balloon while some where enjoying the delicious wedding dinner. In all this happy environment I saw this gloomy dog sitting and waiting. With his bonny ribcage visible I realised he must be surviving on the the little street food. Its his face which caught my attention. With his swollen nose I felt may be a tumour has found shelter there. Bile falling from his mouth it was clear he might die anytime. While people dressed in their new clothes made faces seeing him I stood there watching him.

He chose a fine spot far away from disapproving people, next to a sleeping dog,facing the waste food and sat. With every person dumping his waste food in waste bin his hunger reminded him of his last meal which I am sure he had few days back. He still sat there impatiently waiting. He may not see tommorows day light but he wanted to survive today. He didn’t bark, he didn’t make a run for a bone instead he sat there on his spot for people dressed in good clothes to feed him, with hope. When he went unnoticed he didnt create a scene like most of the people. He waited, waited for his happy moment, waited for the torment of hunger to pass.

I dont know what pricked my heart, His bony rib cage or his swollen nose or his wait or his patience. I wiped my eyes and walked towards the catering guy. I gave him one of my best smile ;If my smile could help a hungry-dying dog get his meal I didn’t mind. I pointed out at this bony dog and said “Sir would you kindly feed that dog? I will be greatful to you”
He smiled and said “Sure” and barked a command to his junior to feed the dog. I walked away feeling happy at least I gave a happy ending to a waiting dog.
When the time comes be the reason for happy ending rather than not being a reason at all

  1. Melroy says:

    you did a great job !! Wonderful. God Bless


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