I Will Wait Till The End….Chapter 21

Posted: June 18, 2015 in STORY

Jenny was busy in the kitchen preparing the breakfast with Mrs Lewis. She hurried as it was 8 in the morning and Kegan had to take his medicine. She placed the breakfast on table and went in search of Kegan followed by RJ. As she entered her old bed room Kegan was just coming out of the bathroom wearing only his shorts. Water dripping from his still wet hair he looked breathtaking and Jenny stared at him open mouth. His still bandaged wounds were dry, he must have tough time having his bath Jenny thought. He tried to dry his hair with one hand and his body flinched with pain. He held his bath towel in his hand and looked at her with his boyish grin. After a while he said “I am sure you like what you see”. Jenny’s face turned red, and she looked away. “you can give a helping hand to your wounded husband” saying he waited patiently for Jenny to make a move. Jenny walked to him and took the towel from his hand and said “All you have to do is ask Kegan, you can keep your ego in your pocket when you need help ….”

“Ok, I believe I can ask anything then. How about giving this poor wounded husband some love Jenny, I need it badly”, saying he winked at her.

She chuckled, and said “Love is something you can’t give, its invisible magic, blind trust, a lifelong promise. What you need is rest”

Kegan sat on the bed closing his eyes while jenny stood drying his damp hair. He inhaled her familiar fragrance, his hand tickled to wrap around her.

“I am a patient man Jenny, I can wait. But don’t make me wait long” saying he tried to divert his wild mind. She was careful not to touch his body in anyway, he had tried to wear his shirt back in bathroom but when he couldn’t move his arm around it he gave up and came out wearing only his shorts. He could feel the tension in air and Jenny’s struggle to avoid any direct contact with his bare shoulder, how he wanted to laugh. He opened his eyes and looked at her. She was so near all he had to do is lean forward to feel her. He prayed god for the control which was snapping every second. When he couldn’t take the torment he pushed her hard away from him and got up from the bed. He picked his shirt which he discarded earlier and tried in vain to wear it.

Jenny was shocked to see his reaction, he was in pain all she wanted to do is help him. There he was acting like a tough ass .When she couldn’t see him fighting with his shirt she walked to him pull the shirt and said “remember what I said few minutes back, don’t act like superman”. Saying she helped him to wear it. He took a deep breath; she smiled and said “see that was much easier”. When RJ realized he is not getting any attention he started to jump on her demanding for her attention. She bent and patted RJ. When she realized the reason she came she said “Breakfast is ready Kegan, don’t be late, you have to take the medicine”.

Kegan stood there watching her leave. It was hard for him to control his heart especially when she was around him. He knew he had to wait, he hoped that his wait would end without any delay.

When Kegan got discharged he had asked Mr. Lewis permission to stay in his house. He had his own reason but Mr. Lewis was more than happy, finally there will be some people around the house. With Mrs. Lewis delicious cooking, Jenny’s care Kegan was healing with time. He had to finish his unfinished mission before he joined his duty. Not bothering to change his shorts he went downstairs to have his breakfast. Mr. Lewis was already on his usual chair nibbling at the delicious breakfast his wife prepared, Mrs. Lewis was in the kitchen preparing the tea, and he searched for jenny when he couldn’t find her he thought she must be busy with something. He was having his breakfast chatting with Mr. Lewis, when Mrs. Lewis came out with tea and sat on the empty chair. It was almost 20 minutes and still there was no trace of Jenny. As he didn’t wanted to disappoint Mrs. Lewis he drained his tea in one gulp and asked her about Jenny. She didn’t even have any clue about Jenny either. He didn’t like the speed in which his heart was beating, he knew something is wrong. He got up from the chair and whistled for RJ. When RJ didn’t show up he ran to his room and picked his gun and came running downstairs. He had to find her before it’s too late. As he didn’t wanted to scare Mr and Mrs Lewis he said he is going for a walk and walked out of the house in haste. He wanted to run without wasting any time but his wounds were still healing he knew he cant run for long. He started the engine of his jeep and started searching Jenny in all possible places she could visit, the jogging ground, and his house. When he couldn’t find her he sat motionless thinking about other places. Then he remembered the park. He turned his jeep in that direction without caring the speed limit in the army area. All he wanted was to be with Jenny, he has to be there around her when he feels the danger in air.

When he reached the park literally he jumped from the jeep parking it in front of the gate. He was too occupied to care about the arguing guard. He started running hoping to find her in the usual spot. His wounds hurt still he kept on running till he reached the place where he had met her once. There she was seated on the bench and weeping with her arms wrapped around RJ’s neck. Kegan stopped for a while to catch his breath. He walked slowly towards her, his wound around his left arm was open and bleeding.

He stood in front of her and said “What the hell, you have to come all this way to cry? Didn’t you find any spot nearby?”

Saying that he collapsed on the bench beside her. RJ was too happy to see him, he jumped on him from Jenny’s lap. Jenny saw his bleeding wound, how she wanted to talk some sense into her husband. Getting up from bench she started shouting at him “your hurt, don’t you get that? you need to rest. For few days stop being in pain in ass, for a change take rest and stop running and jumping around”

Kegan ignored her and said “why you are not wearing your locket?”

She got even more furious because he was bleeding and was talking about her locket. She held his hand and said “Lt. Kegan on your feet now, don’t make me force you, I don’t like it when you push me too hard”

Kegan stood , least bothered about his bleeding wound, he looked at his wife . With her swollen eyes, cheeks still wet with tears, hair all messed up it was too much for him to take in. He smiled and said “I like you damn too much when you act like my bossy wife. Thank you so much darling for caring me beyond words”. He stood still not sure of his move, muttering “Hell with the self-control and hell with the world” he pulled his wife in his arms and kissed her on the lips. His wound was bleeding, his arm hurt but he was too much in love with his wife to care. First thing first, now all he wanted was to seal a kiss on his miserable wife’s lips. How he wished to ease her pain, how he wished to give her all happiness in the world. He kissed her hard hugging her even closer, wrapped in his bleeding arms.

When he felt earth moving round and round and his feet stumble for balance he called Jenny’s name. Before she could help him to the bench he collapsed to the ground still holding her in his arms.

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