Posted: June 28, 2015 in My Silly thoughts

young anf ree

Day time I will look out for you in the cloud

And night in the twinkling stars.

If I couldn’t spot you anywhere

I will dig up my old memories

Until I find your smiling face

Happy and full of life

For the short time you lived,

You have touched everyone you met with your love.

How I wish I could play god just to see you live

One phone call and you were there

No matter how busy you were

With a good friend like you by my side,

Hardships, struggles vanished in no time

How I wish we could multiply the spent time with you!!!

The stupid things I made you do for my blog

You accommodated to all my whims and fancies

While whole world laughed about at my stupid, crazy articles

You saw a writer in me.

Your initiative for road trips with well-drawn plan

You were like the chief with fountain of energy

To a herd of 11 members belonging to different tribes

Your onsite visit, we were more than happy

For the goodies you would bring with that fragrance

First road trip to Hanumangundi

Was fantastic with rain and leeches

While Raks ate some bird meat

We all stared at him with horror while Chicks giggled

You chuckled and said “enough ya Raks, it might be a crow”

Shenoy’s wedding shopping in the crowded fourth block

how we laughed seeing those funny looking pants

we almost fainted seeing Mothi’s kolapuri shopping

you were cracking jokes while we all laughed

First bachelors party was chicks though

While the glasses clinked we wondered whose’s next

3,4 wickets down while all eyes turned towards you

With an assuring smile you said “No bro, still time is there”

How I wish that was true!! but time is one thing you don’t have

While Mothi cracked his usual PJ

Raks talked in Oxford English

Shenoys Boogi-Woggie steps

Sukesh’s culinary skills were displayed

“Life is all fun with you friends” you said

Night trips to ‘Natural-ice-creams” in rain

No matter how bad the traffic jam was

Raks being clumsy, and Deeks whining

We clicked one selfi, tasting all flavors

To mock all the married and unfortunate who couldn’t be there

while whole crowd watched boring spider man2

6 of us were busy eating nachos and discussing IPL

When a macho Boy friend of some gal shushed us

“trying to be hero at the end of the movie” you said

little we knew we have to endure the new one without you.

While Rak’s drove, we sat with our hearts in our mouth

you had the courage to sit in front

Every mistake he made we jumped

While you cracked joke and we laughed

you certainly knew how to make people laugh, even in danger

Deeks, Harish, Sukesh playing boring carom

we looked at the blue sky and talked, about life marriage

“After marriage life changes, look at Chick”. I said

yes, that’s life, it all changes after a while you said

now I wonder with whom I will share my thoughts and philosophy about life.

Suraj, virus no matter how far they lived

you were in touch by call or chat

divided your time among friends, colleagues and family

you were among the very few who knew how to do that with grace.

I guess you always knew what’s important in life

You and Virus were our smarty developers

Any issue with laptop to phone

We knew whom to contact

While you cracked your brains

Sipping the coke we waited for the solution

Your puma slippers, silver color thumb ring,

Neatly trimmed and well maintained nails

That big dial wrist watch, mind blowing stubble, cravings for good food, glorious creativity

wise choice of music and those funny jokes those fancy t-shirts, green black, maroon and red

dark black Ray ban glass on that big bike

That rugged sexy look and faded blue jeans, your formals were killer than AK47

Concern towards your friends adoration for elder brother, dedication to your work

You are rich my friend, even after death

you have so many friends remembering you every day

Joel,Vinod, Athresh….many more names which I don’t know

Bay mates, colleagues and other close friends

Classmates, neighbors and all relatives

Are still shaken to believe your are gone

No matter wherever you are keep smiling like always

Stay true to your status which read “Keep smiling and one day life will get tired of upsetting you”

Great people choose great words

How I wish you were here

Smiling, hip shaking and playing your favorite songs like always

Ready to live a peaceful life

Hold on there my dear friend, we will meet soon

Don’t be heartbroken to be alone

For life here is poorer without you

When you feel low just look down

You will find us looking up

And you will know, you are not alone

P.S: It will be very kind if you skip all your questions and pray for his soul.

  1. Melroy says:

    I pray to the Almighty ,May his soul rest in peace.Amen.


  2. unknown says:

    RIP Anil miss u bro


  3. Mujasam says:

    Will miss u bro…Rest in peace.


  4. Sukesh says:

    Missing you lot Dude….RIP AnilRaj.


  5. harish says:

    Mis you Anil bro…RIP


  6. anglita says:

    We miss you a lot Anil.. we cannot forget the time spent with you .. the last Sunday before you left us all was so much fun… miss you Anna.. Rest in Peace .


  7. Rajendra says:

    It’s still hard to believe that you are not around us anymore! You underestimated your self, you were more stronger than you thought to be.
    You will always be remembered!!!


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