Lets Scare Veera Teacher

Posted: July 8, 2015 in Living My Childhood For Second Time

Most of the people adore children, because of their innocence, mischievous things and million dollar smile. If you are able to establish a strong bond with them, you even can enjoy their childhood remembering yours.

With the light off I was lying on the bed with my niece. She was asking me one of her stupidest question and I was wondering what to answer when I noticed my sister going into washroom. I looked at my niece and asked “you want to scare Veera Teacher”? She got up from the bed and stood saying “Come on SnL, we will scare Veera Teacher, she yells at me, she corrects me, come will scare her”. Encouraging words from 4 year old ,that’s all I needed.

We both waited outside the wash room, holding hands without making noise for my sister to come out. We could hear the latch being moved and we were all set to scream. My sister opened the door, me and my niece, spread our fingers like sunflower and screamed from top of our voice. There was my sister scared to death screaming with fear, holding her hand to to her heart. My mom came running asking what happened and dad started demanding for an answer. While me and my niece, rolled on our bed laughing my sister narrated the whole thing. I am sure If she didn’t visit the washroom prior to out attack, she would have wet her pants.

That is just one of the many things I enjoy doing with my niece. Usually we both are partners in some of the craziest things we do. Half of the time she get caught because of her giggles and screams. Even though she get punishment she looks up at me with hope that tomorrow we will do something more craziest thing.


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