AL, School & Writing “A”

Posted: July 9, 2015 in Living My Childhood For Second Time



Back then when my niece showed her tantrums on mere mention of “School” all were worried for her. She turned 4 and admitted to school, she didn’t show any reaction, she was quiet. The pink color Barbie bag, some lame uniform, kids of her age back in school may be made her realize spending time in school is lot better than home.
Other day I asked her “AL, how is your school?”
“Its good, Miss tells us to bite other kids”
I wasn’t surprise, making up fake stories, a talent she picked up from somewhere(hope not from me)
“really!! Miss tells you to bite other kids?”
“Yes, yes, she tells us that”
“What about boys?you have boys in your class?”
“Yes, boys are very mischievous so miss tells us to bite boys more deeply”
“Tomorrow I will make sure I ask your miss about this whole “biting other kids” thing
She rolled her big eyes and said “ok”
My brother said “Don’t listen to her, she have mastered the degree in lying”
I looked at her and she smiled and said “I am a kid SnL, I am a kid”
Other day I was talking to my sister when she asked me “you know wht AL did other day?”
“Did she bit someone?did she lied? did she eat from other kids box?”
“no no, most of the kids got banana for the snack box, guess what our smarty pants did? she collected all banana skin and packed it in her box bought it home saying “I got ambas(cows) at home I will feed them. Can you believe that?.
“she did that? OMG” I burst out laughing
“Hope she wont collect all chicken bones, fish bones saying I have dogs at home”
I was still laughing when AL walked in, she looked at me ,chuckled, gave one of her naughty smile and walked away. Everything she does, she does ins style.
AL is learning how to write alphabets, I didn’t have to ask anyone to know I just have to look at the walls. A,B, C in different shapes are resting on the house walls like proud witness of AL’s writing skills. Writing on walls, that’s my habit; I smiled, yes she had picked at least something from me.
She got her book, gave it to me and said “Write “A” SnL”. I kept the book on the floor like a small kid, bent my head over it, put my all energy and decorating “A” .I started to draw a pointed line from down pushed up and pulled down and then kept one side brick between those lines. AL then bent her head on the book and start writing “A” like how I wrote. That’s how we write “A” right!!
After sometime she started writing in her homework book saying one slanting line, two slanting line and then sleeping line. Wait a minute, is there a way to write “A”???!!!Holy mother of cow!!!AL kept on writing how she have been taught in school, and sometimes the way how I taught her. My sister looked at me and said “see you taught her wrong”. My niece went on writing and repeating “One slanting line…….”
I have masters degree but I didn’t know how to write the first letter of English alphabets, thanks to my niece for teaching my the lesson “no matter how educated you are, learning never stops”


  1. Good article. I could not just stop laughing ‘The banana skins’..


  2. Nisha says:

    This one made me laugh out loud. woman, u are getting good at it..
    Peels part reminded me of how Loly n I used to collect bones from colleagues n even restos for Cookie.


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