There Are No Good Byes…NOT WITH YOU”

Posted: July 14, 2015 in My Silly thoughts



Hey Buddy,

Hope you are doing fine and blessed with that precious smile wherever you are. It’s been so many days without you, if you think we are enjoying our life without you, you are very wrong. We are still the lost miserable sheep without you wondering where we are lost.

Your mom was still shedding tears , while your brothers showed their brave faces to the world when I saw them last . Some of your friends have trouble sleeping while others still wonder why you are no more. It may sound funny to you to but some are scared to sleep alone because they still can feel your presence, see your everlasting smile and listen to your funny jokes.

Nothing on the outside has changed since you left us; David Guetta new songs are in market competing with Aviciii, I am sure you would have loved them and some lame movies, nothing you would have approved.

When I saw your lifeless body for the last time, ready for the final journey I still couldn’t believe you have left us all. The prayers I started died in my mind looking at your motionless body. Nobody imagined to see you like this, not now, not later. You looked so peaceful and calm, as if you are sleeping without a care in the world. How I wanted to wake you up and tell the rest of our friends what a big joke it had been. I wanted to high five with you and roll on the floor laughing. How I wish it was a joke, how I wish, how I wish. I guess life always has the last laugh and the joke is on us.

I want to believe you are still alive, working your ass off in your office. That’s how I want to think, misery followed me with your death and it is way too much to handle, so I want to believe you are still alive, living the simple joys of life, riding your bike, eating fish fry on some rainy day, telling how good “Nirvana” book is, discussing new phone in market, scolding Deek’s behind his back, telling how many shampoo bottles Mothi has, how busy Shenoy had become, Since when Shruthi has been telling us she will invite us for lunch, Sukesh’s working weekends, how good Virus is in app developing, how many times Rak’s goes home and about lone wanderer Suraj in Mlore, freshers at the firm, new must visit restaurant in Jayanagr, laying blueprints for next road trip,…….. After college, all of our friends met many times on happy occasion of wedding. This is the first time we all met to show respect to the departed.

Your friends still call your name as if you are in the next room, listening to song or downloading some movie. They pause when they realize it was a slip of tongue, and look at the empty space. Why it has to be you, why was it your time, why this early,….as questions are still floating around, we wonder what we could have done to keep you alive.
I wouldn’t call it farewell my friend, because we will definitely meet again, maybe not in this life time but surely in the next.

When we leave this ugly world, the money in our wallet, the degrees we gained, the designation on our resume doesn’t matter .The most important thing that matters is how you lived your life, how many good friends you made, and whether you spread love and joy.

I hope they have good music, delicious chicken and nice movies in heaven to keep you happy .I have no idea what happens after death, Maybe they are either sent to hell or heaven depending on the karma, or are reborn into the same world as other living creature. I hope you’re born as an angel in first case and a bird in second. Angel because they are purest at heart, bird because you can fly spreading your wings no matter how far .

With a heart of gold, passage to the other side shouldn’t be a trouble for you. And my beloved friend death is not the end, it’s just beginning of a new life on the other side.

All your dear friends

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