KIDS!!!They arE smArter tHan You Think

Posted: July 23, 2015 in Living My Childhood For Second Time


Why grown up close the door while changing their clothes and having their bath is still a riddle to my niece. I try to explain in my own words for which she blinks her big brown eyes at me asking “So SnL when I grow up I get to close the door while having bath?” I nod saying yes.

When I walk to my room to change clothes my niece looks at me and says “let me in SnL, I wont see you while changing clothes, I will cover my eyes like this saying she covers her eyes tiny hands. I still can see wide open eyes behind those fingers, I yell “get out, out now drama queen!!!.” She makes crying face and says “please SnL, we both are girls, I will chase my brother out but let me stay”. When I realize my chances are less to change my clothes in that room I run holding my clothes to another room followed by those two chipmunks. I enter the room and lock it while they bang it crying “let us in SnL, please”. Sometimes they lock the door from outside for not letting them in and run while I cry for help from inside the room.
I was reading the new paper while my niece was riding her cycle as usual. My S-I-L was pointing out to the drying clothes and asking my nephew “Alan, whose is this”. He waited for a while and said “Its Alan’s shorts”, then my S-I-L pointed out at his bath towel with mickey mouse and asked “Whose is this Alan” .Alan shouted with joy “its Alan’s, mamma”.I was very much fascinated by his accuracy while my niece stopped riding her cycle and gaped at her brother. As were few inner garments were lined up my S-I-L skipped that row and went to the next one. My niece who was observing them, ran to them and pointed to my lingerie and said “Whose Baa is this Alan?”. Alan got confused and said “I don’t know”. My niece laughed loudly and said “Its SnL’s Baa, Alan”.
I laughed my lungs out listening to my niece. She may not know the exact word but she is one hell of a learner.

  1. Nisha says:

    Din she say Bara?

    I realized something.. You are penning down memories for Aloma and Alopa when they grow up.. Its like a public journal. They will read when they grow up and turn red and smile and say, that can’t be me. SNL is full of lies. By then we would be wrinkled stooping old hags


  2. Swathi says:

    😂😂she really is a naughty kid!!


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