Be Happy With Whatever Little You Have

Posted: October 24, 2015 in My Silly thoughts


My nerves were screaming loudly after working 9.30 AM to 8.30 PM whole week, without a proper relaxing break, I didn’t even realize when my smile vanished. Thanks to Dushera ;It showered  its blessings on people who reside in Karnataka with a HOLIDAY. Result of which I was there rolling on my bed till 10.00 AM first time in10 days. When my stomach grumbled loudly; I got up from my cozy bed with all my might; freshen up, got ready and went out, in search of my breakfast.

Thinking about weekend work there I was lost in my thoughts when I reached this hotel called Krishna Sagar. I was second in queue when group of 3 small boys made their way towards the counter ignoring the queue. Their clothes were slightly shabby, dust was sticking to their feet like second skin. My heart went for them when I saw their bare feet. Tiptoeing on their feet they thrust their2 crumbled Gandhiji imprinted note on the counter, what caught my attention was their smiling face. Cashier took and money and looked at them.

“Give three plate idly sir” the boy who seems to be their leader said.

With 2 idlies in one plate, those small boys can eat tummy full I thought

“You won’t get 3 plate Idlies in this 30 RS” Cashier said reluctantly.

The boys were neither disappointed nor embarrassed.

“Then give 2 plate idly sir” the boy said it again politely while other two boys looked at the cashier hopefully.

“In these 30 Rs, you get only 3 idlie’s” Cashier said with firm voice.

“ok, then give 3 Idlies Sir” the boy said.

While the cashier prepared their bill the boys chattered excitedly, there was this sparks in their eyes and enthusiasm, enthusiasm of eating in hotel house in each other’s company. They didn’t have the enough money to have tummy full food but there they were all happy, smiling, chattering nonstop.

After placing my order I walked to self-service counter, gave my bill to the waiter ;stood next to those boys. People around the boys were smiling seeing their excitement, I am sure some remembered their friends while other their childhood. Their happy smiling face was feast to the people watching them

I took the spoon from the holder while waiting for my order

“Auntie, can I take that spoon as well” the same boy who spoke to cashier asked me.

Even that “AUNTIE” word pricked me with million needles I ignored, picked another spoon from its holder, smiled and gave it to him

“Definitely, take for your friends as well” saying I thrust two more spoons in his hand.

That is when the cashier told the waiter

“Give them three plate idly”. I was surprised at cashier, sure as I was ;he is not the one behind this generous act.

Taking my plate I sat in vacant place hoping the boys might sit somewhere where I can watch them. I was bit disappointed when I saw them occupying table at the corner, behind my back; I still could hear their chatter.

I emptied my plate and walked to the counter with intentions of knowing the truth

“Who paid for those boys breakfast” I asked with smile on my face.

Cashier pointed to a man who was standing in front of me few minutes ago and said

“He paid”

Grumpy he looked without a smile, but he was good at heart.

I walked to him and asked him politely whether I can take his picture for my blog(assured 10 times, nobody even reads my blog). He was bit hesitant in the beginning but later he gave in.

After thanking him I spoke to the boys. The one who spoke to cashier was Akash, slightly tall guy was Bagesh and small boy was Uligesh. All three go to Chennakeshava school in Indiranagr and were in 3rd , 4th  and 2nd standards consecutively. To my surprise, for assuming they are good friends, Akash told me that they are all bothers. I haven’t seen any brothers, of their age who usually fight all time, enjoy each other’s company so much like real friends.

After thanking and waving them bye I walked smile on my face.  Without money and kids they might be but I have so many things to learn from them. They are poor with no proper clothes, little food and no foot wear but they had something more worth than all these, they had happiness, million dollar smile, no complaints about life and no worries for day they didn’t see yet. They were happy and content with whatever little they have.

The Grumpy man who helped them made me realize , Good people might be less in number but they still exists. Thanks to Humanity.


  1. MV says:

    What a lovely story! I really admire those kids for being “kids” with smiles full of excitement and happiness. I also appreciate the man’s kindness. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story. 🙂


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