Warning, Dumping Zone Ahead!!!!

Posted: October 26, 2015 in My Silly thoughts

I looked at my watch and increased my speed. It was 9.15 already, do or die, walk or run I had to be on 9.20’s metro. With my insane work and deadline hanging around my neck I couldn’t afford to  miss that metro. Not to forget the begging and buttering  the auto driver followed after getting down from the metro. There are some days when 20 auto drivers said no to me. Hearing a NO in Bangalore from a auto driver is bad that too 20!!!!, something was terribly wrong with the location . There was a time when I cursed, grumbled, screamed A** H***, but not anymore. I wait for the one who nods his head and turns his meter on. Patience, I am learning to cultivate the talent.

“Can you direct me to CV Raman Nagar Hospital mam”


“Sure, why not.” I couldn’t say no, couId I?, after all the man was visiting the hospital

I held my lunch bag in left, pushed my specs further , balancing the my hand bag on right shoulder I got ready for my navigation. I was late but I didn’t mind, I had to warn this fella about the dangerous, highly risky place he is going to be in.

“Go straight, don’t take any left or any right. Keep walking, then you will find a small tea, cigaraette vendor shop facing a massive garbage dumping zone near the main road. Cows and dogs help themselves with the waste which educated, smart humans dumped. There is no option you can skip that spot; trust me. You can try crossing the road walk on other side and then cross again so that you are back on your right side but heavy traffic makes you highly impossible. Possibilities of tummy twirling, bile rising and you seeing your breakfast right in front of your eyes and other spectators are high, thanks to that foul smell. So take deep breaths fill your lungs, hold your tissue tight to your nose and just run, without blinking. As soon as you cross the stinking hell your are welcomed by the big board of hospital. Trust me sir, nobody can miss it. Just watch me I am going to do the same thing like million other times, all first times are hard but you will get used to it, the very best,”.


Saying, I gave him one of my crooked smile and ran. I was sure I cant be on that 9.20 metro but I had run for my life, the massive garbage dump was mocking at me.

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