Is Pooping In Office Is A Wise Thing?

Posted: October 27, 2015 in My Silly thoughts


When your lower abdomen reaches its limit with increased pressure you start sweating with need of relief. Automatically you walk towards one and only one place which will redeem you from your pain and the despair; the magical room “The wash room”. With the pressure gone, you sigh with relief, you feel heavenly and you will start humming a song some even waltz slowly.

With most of our time spent between the well painted walls of corporate office is it wise to get into our dirty business in office? Will your dirty deed is safe between the 4 closed walls? You might say no big deal what’s there in reliving yourself in office but think twice before you do.

It happened couple of years back when Golu was in my team; I still remember the day when our delivery manager was addressing us with his professional high tone, with that sharp look, talking about clients, their satisfaction and our dedication. Golu who was standing nearby said “listen to him; now all professional and “Touchy me not” act, early morning he was pooping in the office with loud sound track played in the background, rascal”. I looked at Golu and asked him “so how you know he was the one pooping and not somebody else? were you stalking him?”,

Golu laughed thrusting his hands in pocket

“Look SnLji, as you know I poop 3 to 4 times per day”.

My mouth opened in O shape with disbelief, some people fight whole day to poop once here was the blessed boy pooping 3 times per day

“I have health issues” She said seeing my expression and continued

“So obviously I need to visit washroom whenever my red signal goes off. As usual, I was busy with my business when loud sound track started coming from next door. When one does his dirty deed, he needs a focal point to concentrate without any disturbance. With concentration gone I stormed out of the washroom and waited patiently outside to see that rascals face. After five minutes this old ass comes and sees me glaring at him on the washroom mirror. Out of nowhere he smiles like a thief caught while stealing. Delivery Manager Ghanta, what the use of elegantly constructed washroom; shelling thousands of rupees at home when you don’t have time to poop at home?

We neither hear Golu complete his story nor Delivery manager’s rich male voice. We hid ourselves and burst out laughing looking at our delivery manager. May be the high designated guy forgot that those 4 walls are not sound prof and went on bursting crackers.

There after every time we see our delivery manager we laugh our lungs out. In the past we cursed him for screwing our KRS but not anymore, we have found a good reason to smile whenever we encounter the “Pooping King”

Higher your designation you should reduce the usage of “The Magical Room” for longer duration. It’s not that we shouldn’t use it’s just that possibilities are high that you might get a designation from your team members.

  1. Sunil says:

    Superb Sylvia.. Interesting character this Golu.. I love your blogs..


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