Do Something Different This Christmas

Posted: December 20, 2015 in My Silly thoughts

There is kind of magic in December’s rising sun, thin mystical air, those twinkling stars in the dark sky and bone chilling wind. My best buddy Jesus being born on 25th, it adds more colors to December. Christians celebrate Christmas by sharing love, joy, gifts, wishes, cakes, hugs and kisses. I just don’t know why I am not so lucky with the latter part.

Every Christmas I had given gifts to my friends with the meanest mean intention of getting something in return and always I got something, a portrait, perfume, show piece. What fun in gifting something and getting something in return, your debt is paid. Bored with same old tradition, this time I decided to do something different and It started this way

I had seen those three beggars near Resurrection church gate begging, saluting at people with meanest intention of getting some money and feeding the dogs in early mornings. Have seen their so called home “The footpath”. On the coldest cold night they slept snuggled against each other and on the dirty cloth spread on the dusty concrete. They may be fraud or really with little money.


On Saturday after the evening mass I asked “Do you eat non-veg Sir?”.

The old guy who was bit dirt-free from other two was taken aback. I guess that was the first time somebody asked them their preference, I was glad I was the one who did it.


When I was back, minutes later with the enough food for three, they were still there near the church gate waiting. Birds flew back to their nest, sun slept for the night but they stood and wait. I handed the heavy polythene bag containing deliciously smelling food to the same old guy who had told me about their preference. I requested them for their group pic and they agreed nodding their head. Probably for the first time somebody clicked their picture .

“Enjoy your meal Sir, Merry Christmas “I said before walking away. I was happy for my debt was carried forward without the obvious return gift.

Santa Claus doesn’t exist but I want to be the Santa at least for few. I want to give them a hope, hope of better life.

Share your love, joy; smile,meal because by sharing it multiplies.

Be the Santa Claus for somebody . Do something new this Christmas and I assure you, you will feel the magic.

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